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Fense’s Radio Show: February 24, 2012

Man, what a wild week. And I’m not talking about the wild you indie folk are used to, likely boozing it up and partying every night. I’m talking about the working life, the stress of the job, the busy days and exhaustion-laden nights. Going to bed at 9:30; I feel old.

So on Fridays, I look forward to cutting loose. I needed something epic this week. Something loud, raucous, and rambunctious. And I found it in this playlist. At the studio, 10 pm, the lights are dim meaning I can crank it up. I did. It got loud. And that was awesome.

But before we get on to the set list, I want to say a little something about that image. After more than a month with our master bedroom in the living room, our new bamboo floors finally arrived and we knocked out the room on Sunday the 26th.

When you hit your 30s, it’s little things like this that make all the difference.

Now for some tunes…

Tonights highlight tracks are “You’re Dead”, a new one by The Wedding Present off their forthcoming LP Valentina.

“Teeth” by The Ettes off Teeth
“Lock And Key” by The Black Lips off Good Bad Not Evil
“No Prosecution If We Bail” by The Cave Singers off No Witch

“You’re Dead” by The Wedding Present off Valentina

“Forever Boy” by A Classic Education off Call It Blazing
“Map Of Heaven” by Royal Baths off Better Luck Next Life
“Swagger Vets and Double Moon” by White Fence off Family Perfume Vol. 1

“Marquee Moon” by Television off Marquee Moon

“Spray Paint” by Harlem off Hippies
“You Don’t Want Kids To Be Dead” by The Beets off Let The Poison out
“Airwalker” by Jeremy Jay off Airwalker

“Dancefloor” by The Legends off Over And Over

“Solitude Is Bliss” by Tame Impala
“Benchwarmers” by Finn Riggins off Benchwarmers
“Bad Street” by Twin Sister off In Heaven

“Banshee Beat” by Animal Collective off Feels

“A Dark God Heart” by Sleep Party People off We Were Drifting On A Sad Song
“Montana” by Youth Lagoon off The Year of Hibernation
“Went To You (feat. Andreanna)” by Gathered Ghosts off Fluttering So Sweetly EP

“Sunset Drive” by Husky Rescue off Country Falls
“Shyness” by Thieves Like Us off Again And Again

“Own Stunts” by Breathe Owl Breathe off Magic Central
“One Fine Morning” by Bill Callahan off Apocalypse

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