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Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen: Forgiven/Forgotten

Angel Olsen

After her release of the Sleepwalker single earlier this year, I questioned whether Angel Olsen was going through a transformation. The revealing, introspective LP Half Way Home from 2012 was about as minimal as they come. Full vocals seemed as quiet as a whisper — though they were not — and her guitar was so soft the album was borderline a capella. “Sweet Dreams” off Sleepwalker changed things. Read More »Angel Olsen: Forgiven/Forgotten


Foxygen: Make It Known

Deep synth lines open “Make It Known”, contradicting lightly with a 70s rock percussion, guitar and bass. Then the vocals hit with a hint of soul. This is not your standard indie rock group; their influences span wide and far, making Foxygen one of the more unique and interesting new artists to surface of late.

Read More »Foxygen: Make It Known

Small Black: Despicable Dogs [Video]


I found this Small Black video in the trove of videos on the Jagjaguar, Secretly Canadian, Dead Oceans collective Vimeo page. Small Black creates fuzzy lo-fi electronic pop in the vein of romance and various other pleasantries, and “Despicable Dogs” fits the description well. I love the dreamy nature the song takes throughout its four minute melody and cacophony. There’s beauty in dissonant harmony, and Small Black knows how to exploit this fact. The video appears to be a tribute to aging surfers stuck in the late 70s and early 80s with awesome Hulk Hogan mustaches and blond mops of hair. Read More »Small Black: Despicable Dogs [Video]

The Besnard Lakes: Are The Dark Horse [Album Review]

The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes seem to have taken everyone by surprise; their music blends drone-y shoegaze and prog-rock with the playfulness of lightly orchestrated indie-pop. These elements make Are The Dark Horse one of the best comprehensive albums of 2007. Songs like “Because Tonight” are instantly classic in nature—The Besnard Lakes’ ability to dictate between sophisticated and precise string arrangements, and drone-heavy prog-rock give them an edge in a somewhat polluted independent music scene. Read More »The Besnard Lakes: Are The Dark Horse [Album Review]

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