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Foxygen: Make It Known


Deep synth lines open “Make It Known”, contradicting lightly with a 70s rock percussion, guitar and bass. Then the vocals hit with a hint of soul. This is not your standard indie rock group; their influences span wide and far, making Foxygen one of the more unique and interesting new artists to surface of late.

The band is the latest signee to the Jagjaguwar label, and will release the band’s new EP, Take The Kids Off Broadway, on July 24.

Sam France of Olympia, WA and Jonathan Rado out of NYC are the youthful duo behind Foxygen, and their music is a homage to a vast vinyl collection. “Make It Known” is a perfect example. The song jumps around, from its soulful opening to light time changes in the latter parts of the song. It flirts with jazz, hints of The Kinks and The Rolling Stones, holds plenty of soul, yet is entirely modern.

From here, it dives into a sing-along before the keys drop into hints of a playful, near improved lines. Yes, the song jumps around fanatically, but it holds together quite well. Check it out below and keep an eye out for Take The Kids Off Broadway.

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