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“Not Me Sir” by Wolf People: Watch the Psychedelic Video, Hear the Psychedelic Song

Wolf People

It’s been a few years since I fell down the rabbit hole and into an obsession with the original era of psychedelic rock. Those days found me obsessing over everything from classics like The 13th Floor Elevators and Bubble Puppy to discovering lesser known favorites like St. John Green and The Druids of Stonehenge.

And while I have resurfaced with a desire to discover new bands and cover new releases again, I look on those days with fondness, and I listen to that music often.

Wolf People

Wolf People’s trippy new video for “Not Me Sir” off their recent LP Ruins reminds me of that era. Check it:

One part a colorful kaleidoscopic mess, another part a surreal mixed media blender, “Not Me Sir” is thoroughly engaging and somewhat mind-numbing. The video and song are both quite powerful.

It’s funny, because I recall checking out Wolf People’s 2013 record, Fain, and I don’t recall it having a similar impact on me. However, revisiting that LP’s opening track “Empty Vessels” and it makes sense. The time changes, the stark overlapping guitars, the somewhat moody vocals.

The lineage back to early psychedelic rock is quite clear.

One of my favorite albums from the original psychedelic era is A Gathering of Promises by Bubble Puppy. In the music of Wolf People, you can hear traits similar to those found in “Lonely” off that record:

Compare that with both “Not Me Sir” from above and Fain‘s “When The Fire Is Dead in the Grate” below:

Similarities include the angular playfulness in the guitars, the distinct changes from one chord progression to another, and somewhat the altering volumes. Not to mention the fact that both are really freaking good.

It’s a sound you also get in Wolf People’s “Night Witch” from their new LP, albeit it’s quite a bit louder here:

I think Ruins will stick with me a bit more than Fain did. Both “Not Me Sir” and “Night Witch” immediately drew me in, and after a few listens to both I snagged a copy of the new LP on clear vinyl.

Wolf People has been around for just over a decade now, and they’ve been releasing records on Jagjaguwar since 2010. Ruins is their third proper LP, and you can find it now from your favorite record dealer.

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