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The Cave Singers [Feature]


The Cave Singers are back with their third LP, No Witch, an album that promises great things on the tail of two already widely renowned releases. While only two songs have graced my ears thus far, it’s clear that the Seattle band continues its steady pace of creating phenomenal tunes.

“Black Leaf” is the standout of the two thanks, to a quick beat and rockin’ melody. It could very well be the “Dancing On Our Graves” of No Witch, though it’s been reported that No Witch, overall, has a heavier rock feel. “Swim Club” is pretty solid too, albeit finding more company with The Cave Singers’ softer, more melodramatic of songs. Where the former dominates in sheer presence, the latter makes up for in brilliant harmonies, unique folk sound-scapes, and creative expertise.

There’s no questioning the power and skill behind The Cave Singers; their music is a stronghold in the Northwest and it just keeps getting stronger. Be it the widely-heralded catalog of the band members’ former lives, including (but not limited to) notables Pretty Girls Make Graves and Murder City Devils, there is a technical prowess to this music that is unparalleled.

Head over to Jagjaguwar and grab a copy of No Witch by The Cave Singers. Get it on vinyl — it’ll be worth it.

Download: “Black Leaf” by The Cave Singers
[audio:110307-cave-singers-black-leaf.mp3|titles=Black Leaf|artists=The Cave Singers]

Download: “Swim Club” by The Cave Singers
[audio:110307-cave-singers-swim-club.mp3|titles=Swim Club|artists=The Cave Singers]

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