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Small Black: Despicable Dogs [Video]


I found this Small Black video in the trove of videos on the Jagjaguar, Secretly Canadian, Dead Oceans collective Vimeo page. Small Black creates fuzzy lo-fi electronic pop in the vein of romance and various other pleasantries, and “Despicable Dogs” fits the description well. I love the dreamy nature the song takes throughout its four minute melody and cacophony. There’s beauty in dissonant harmony, and Small Black knows how to exploit this fact. The video appears to be a tribute to aging surfers stuck in the late 70s and early 80s with awesome Hulk Hogan mustaches and blond mops of hair.

There’s something very special and nostalgic about the video that brings forth an easy smile. An image title for the above photo leads one to deduce the guy is “Uncle Matt” and he seems like someone you’d want to get to know. What does it for me is the youthful guy from the band who pops up here and there. It makes me think of my dad and how as I grew older I realized that he’s a pretty cool guy rather than just the stodgy parent I always saw him as during my childhood.

In a way, it’s a video about coming of age and enjoying life for what it is. On the flip-side, there’s a hint of mid-life crisis going on, but more in the sense that the crisis has resided and joy has been achieved. However you look at it, it’s totally excellent.

“Despicable Dogs” is off Small Black’s 12″ EP, out now on Jagjaguwar.

Download: “Despicable Dogs” by Small Black
[audio:100415-small-black-despicable-dogs.mp3|titles=Despicable Dogs|artists=Small Black]

“Despicable Dogs” by Small Black from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

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