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Fishboy Acoustic Performance

Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

Fishboy Acoustic Performance

Fishboy is one of my favorite bands because frontman Eric Michener approaches music in a different way than most musicians. His albums, at least the latest two in Classic Creeps and Albatross, follow stories chronologically throughout the album. They’re amusing, funny and lighthearted. While Classic Creeps was originally released back in 2011, Michener recently released an acoustic version of the album with a tour diary comic. Read More »Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

This Just In: New LPs from HHBTM Records

HHBTM New Releases

I got a package the other week from HHBTM full of new releases from the Athens, GA-based label. Mike at the label was kind enough to pass along the latest albums he’s releasing. Four records to be exact: new LPs from Eureka California, Orca Team, Sweater Girls, and Tunabunny. I’ve been a fan of HHBTM for ages, dating at least back to 2006, if not further. Anyway, here are some details on each of the records. Read More »This Just In: New LPs from HHBTM Records

Tunabunny: I Miss You (You Miss Me Yes) [Video]


They call it transcendental dance pop, which sounds pretty good to me. I’d add in hints of punk and plenty of noise to that description, though. Tunabunny is the latest great thing to come out of Athens, Georgia, a place that needs no introduction when it comes to great independent music. And their new self-titled LP is on Happy Happy Birthday To Me, a label that should also need no introduction. Read More »Tunabunny: I Miss You (You Miss Me Yes) [Video]

Sweater Girls: EP [7″ Review]

Sweater Girls

Sweater Girls are a new Los Angeles-based group and, according to Mike over at Happy Happy Birthday To Me, their debut 7″ single sold out solely based on word-of-mouth. Listening to the three songs tucked within, it’s easy to hear why — Sweater Girls produce outstanding indie pop music perfect for the HHBTM label, and perfect for everyone’s favorite musical consumption format… vinyl. Read More »Sweater Girls: EP [7″ Review]

Bunnygrunt: Matt Harnish & Other Delights [Album Review]


There is documentation of creative longevity and then there’s Bunnygrunt, whose sixteen plus years as a band (give or take a few) has gained them notoriety in the areas of lo-fi rock, indie pop and 90s pop-punk. This band’s latest effort is Matt Harnish & Other Delights, a record that takes its name from so-called main Grunter man Matt Harnish, the other half being that of Karen Ried (possibly the ‘other delights?). Read More »Bunnygrunt: Matt Harnish & Other Delights [Album Review]

Fishboy: Nom [Album Review]

Fishboy at the Fremont Troll in Seattle

In retrospect, Fishboy‘s Albatross should have garnered my #1 album slot for 2007. Seriously: the album remains one of the most-listened-to albums even today. The oft dubbed Twee Rock Opera was a truly brilliant concoction. And, as front-man Eric Michener quietly hints at a follow-up, he releases Nom, a nine-song EP consisting of rejects from the original concept album. Read More »Fishboy: Nom [Album Review]

Forever: Forever [EP Review]


Quick, furious, and externally tempting are the best available adjectives to describe Forever and their self-titled debut EP. Their songs seem to focus on the triumph and/or tyranny of love. Vocalist Shenna Corbridge spends an electrically-fused 15 minutes screaming truths she makes you believe are self-evident. This is a group that says what they want, when they want. And in 50 words or less at times. Read More »Forever: Forever [EP Review]

Casper And The Cookies: Modern Silence [Album Review]

Casper And The Cookies, CMJ 2007

Casper And The Cookies (MySpace) are an interesting bunch. Modern Silence demonstrates their agility in creating bizarre pop songs in the vein of early Of Montreal and Apples In Stereo, the Elephant 6 entourage, and underground glam pop. While front-man Jason NeSmith had a brief stint in Of Montreal, it should be noted that Casper And The Cookies were already in existence, and had been, for nearly half a decade. Read More »Casper And The Cookies: Modern Silence [Album Review]

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