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Sourpatch [Feature]


Bouncy, 90s-influenced, female-fronted pop band Sourpatch recently released a new album, Crushin’ on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. It’s your standard HHBTM release, filled with pop music created by bands that have affections toward a similar, 90s era punk-pop (when punk-pop was actually good).

These songs hint of a time when sloppy playing was a virtue — technical ability wasn’t needed in your parents garage, and it merely enhanced the sometimes cheesy songs about awkward love and schoolboy/girl crushes. In many ways, that time has returned. It’s not that it ever really went away; it’s that, again, good bands playing sloppy garage pop are gaining in momentum.

Sourpatch is one such band. Songs like “Fun” will get inside your head and make you feel young again, unless you’re young to begin with, which means it’ll just make you feel more alive. And that’s the brilliance behind bands like this. They enhance life, and make things a little simpler, a little better, and a lot more fun.

Sourpatch: Fun [mp3]

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