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Fishboy: IMAVOLCANO (Video Premiere)


As I write this, I’m hungry. And I’m watching a brand new video by Fishboy for “IMAVOLCANO” that features pizza. I’m about to head up to Bellingham with my new wife and go to Rudy’s, which has an awesome half-price deal on Wednesdays. We’ll be stocking up with leftovers. For now, I’ll watch this awesome bearded dude dance around at pizza joints with a slice and wish it was me.

I’ve been a fan of Denton, TX band Fishboy for years. Frequent readers might remember that Albatross was among my top 2 or 3 albums of 2009. The band is set to release a limited pressed single and comic book combo called IMAVOLCANO, and it features the same quirky sense of humor the band has crafted for years. Read More »Fishboy: IMAVOLCANO (Video Premiere)

Fishboy Acoustic Performance

Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

Fishboy Acoustic Performance

Fishboy is one of my favorite bands because frontman Eric Michener approaches music in a different way than most musicians. His albums, at least the latest two in Classic Creeps and Albatross, follow stories chronologically throughout the album. They’re amusing, funny and lighthearted. While Classic Creeps was originally released back in 2011, Michener recently released an acoustic version of the album with a tour diary comic. Read More »Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

Fishboy: Alyson Revere [Video]


Oh Fishboy, you never fail to amuse. We interviewed Fishboy’s Eric Michener a few months back about his new LP, Classic Creeps, which finally came out this week. Yeah, we’ve been rocking to it since January and can contest to its total awesomeness. Well, in celebration of the release, Michener, aka Fishboy, put together a video for the album’s fifth song, “Alyson Revere”, and it goes a little something like this… Read More »Fishboy: Alyson Revere [Video]

An Interview with Eric Michener of Fishboy


The paths of Erich Michener (the man behind Fishboy) and myself (Andrew Fenstermaker) crossed in October of 2007 at a little dive somewhere on the south end of Manhattan. It was the annual College Music Journal festival and HHBTM was having an event. They crossed again sometime later in Seattle, a visit that, oddly enough, included a troll, fish sticks and Gassworks Park. That is, unless I’m joining two trips together, which is entirely possible; there was that show at Comet Tavern which may or may not have been at the same time. I digress. Read More »An Interview with Eric Michener of Fishboy

Various Artists: Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft) [Album Review]


When I saw there was a new compilation devoted to hailing one of the greatest northwest bands of all time (yes, Tullycraft), I got pretty excited. When I saw that the tracklist included bands from famed labels like Tullycraft’s very own Magic Marker Records, as well as HHBTM, Matinee, and even recent favorite weePOP, my excitement blew through the roof. Look down the track list (it’s at the end of this review… I’ll forgive you for pausing to check it out) and you’ll see some of the greatest indie pop and modern twee bands around today. Fishboy. Iji. Casper & The Cookies. Galactic Heroes. Math & Physics Club. The Besties. Hot Lava. Oh man, this is gonna be good. Read More »Various Artists: Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft) [Album Review]

FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #2, Cooking With Fense


Tonight I hit the kitchen to compile the second FensePost podcast, or FenseCast, while cooking up one of my signature dishes: spicy steak enchiladas with homemade sauce. For desert, a delicious slice of gluten free cake courtesy Andi (the girlfriend), whose cake photo you can see in this post. Unlike the first podcast, this one had a range of bands that stemmed into several genres rather than focusing on garage rock and pop. Within I reminisce on one of my favorite bands of all time, occasionally hover around bedroom pop, and pass along one imperative ingredient in my homemade enchilada sauce. Read More »FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #2, Cooking With Fense

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