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Various Artists: Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft) [Album Review]


When I saw there was a new compilation devoted to hailing one of the greatest northwest bands of all time (yes, Tullycraft), I got pretty excited. When I saw that the tracklist included bands from famed labels like Tullycraft’s very own Magic Marker Records, as well as HHBTM, Matinee, and even recent favorite weePOP, my excitement blew through the roof. Look down the track list (it’s at the end of this review… I’ll forgive you for pausing to check it out) and you’ll see some of the greatest indie pop and modern twee bands around today. Fishboy. Iji. Casper & The Cookies. Galactic Heroes. Math & Physics Club. The Besties. Hot Lava. Oh man, this is gonna be good.

Even if you’re not familiar with the Tullycraft originals (side note: shame on you!) you can enjoy this mix. It all kicks off with Hot Lava doing a fuzz rendition of “Pink Lemonade” before Bunnygrunt lays down a great drum track for “Not Quite Burning Bridges”. And then Seattle’s very own Iji takes a stab at the epic “Josie” with their off-kilter massive group sound. Oh man, and The Besties ROCK “Our Days In Kansas”! There, that’s the first four tracks and I’m already blown away.

Among the more unique covers are “Sweet” by The Smittens, who lend their bubblegum pop fronted by deep male vocals to the song, and “Superboy Supergirl” by Seattle’s soft indie pop group Math & Physics Club. It’s great to hear some of the best indie pop bands from the Northwest and beyond paying tribute to their kin, each lending their own unique style to remake one of that band’s originals. They’re all Tullycraft, but they all possess the traits common to each individual band. And that’s what makes a tribute album great. Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook, if anything, is great.

Download: “Pink Lemonade” by Hot Lava
[audio:100708-hot-lava-pink-lemonade.mp3|titles=Pink Lemonade|artists=Hot Lava]

Download: “Every Little Thing” by The Medusa Snare
[audio:100708-medusa-snare-every-little-thing.mp3|titles=Every Little Thing|artists=The Medusa Snare]

Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft)

Unchikun Records

1. Hot Lava: Pink Lemonade
2. Bunnygrunt: Not Quite Burning Bridges
3. Iji: Josie
4. The Besties: Our Days In Kansas
5. The Medusa Snare: Every Little Thing
6. Hotpance Romance: Wild Bikini
7. The Smittens: Sweet
8. Math & Physics Club: Superboy & Supergirl
9. LA Tool & Die: If You Take Away the Make Up Then the Vampires They Will Die
10. Fishboy: Rumble With The Gang Debs
11. Folklore: Look How We Killed The Riot Grrrls
12. Galactic Heroes: Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend’s Too Stupid To Know About
13. Gold Bears: Skyway
14. Master Track: DIY Queen
15. The Awesomelies: Godspeed
16. Moustache of Insanity: The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
17. Poison Control Center: The Last Song
18. Casper & The Cookies: Who Needs What
19. Darren Hanlon & Rose Melberg: Our Days In Kansas
20. The Special Places: Fall 4 U

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