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Various Artists: Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft) [Album Review]


When I saw there was a new compilation devoted to hailing one of the greatest northwest bands of all time (yes, Tullycraft), I got pretty excited. When I saw that the tracklist included bands from famed labels like Tullycraft’s very own Magic Marker Records, as well as HHBTM, Matinee, and even recent favorite weePOP, my excitement blew through the roof. Look down the track list (it’s at the end of this review… I’ll forgive you for pausing to check it out) and you’ll see some of the greatest indie pop and modern twee bands around today. Fishboy. Iji. Casper & The Cookies. Galactic Heroes. Math & Physics Club. The Besties. Hot Lava. Oh man, this is gonna be good. Read More »Various Artists: Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft) [Album Review]

WeePOP! Records [Label Spotlight]

WeePOP! Records

There is a growing underground force of pop labels releasing music on nontraditional formats. Of these formats, two prevalent ones, at least in the lo-fi pop and twee pop arenas, are cassette and the 3-inch single. Being such a strong fan of the genres that release via these formats, one would think I would have the ability to play them when they arrive in my mailbox. Unfortunately, I do not at this time. (But boy do I love receiving them!) WeePOP! Records releases via the latter and they’ve built a solid foundation of twee and lo-fi pop releases. Read More »WeePOP! Records [Label Spotlight]

Bunnygrunt: Matt Harnish & Other Delights [Album Review]


There is documentation of creative longevity and then there’s Bunnygrunt, whose sixteen plus years as a band (give or take a few) has gained them notoriety in the areas of lo-fi rock, indie pop and 90s pop-punk. This band’s latest effort is Matt Harnish & Other Delights, a record that takes its name from so-called main Grunter man Matt Harnish, the other half being that of Karen Ried (possibly the ‘other delights?). Read More »Bunnygrunt: Matt Harnish & Other Delights [Album Review]

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