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Fishboy: Alyson Revere [Video]


Oh Fishboy, you never fail to amuse. We interviewed Fishboy’s Eric Michener a few months back about his new LP, Classic Creeps, which finally came out this week. Yeah, we’ve been rocking to it since January and can contest to its total awesomeness. Well, in celebration of the release, Michener, aka Fishboy, put together a video for the album’s fifth song, “Alyson Revere”, and it goes a little something like this…

Eric, dancing awkwardly like the dork he (err… we) is (are), while cute animals fake sing along. Awesome, right? He even drops in a fake singing Celene Dion. Even more awesome.

So Classic Creeps follows a similar path to that Michener created with Albatross (his last LP) in that it’s a bit of a concept album. It follows a story from beginning to end, and he’s got the comics to prove it. Always one to find sarcasm and wit in practically every situation, Fishboy knows how to craft a pretty fun album.

Classic Creeps is OUT NOW!!! You can pick it up digitally or on superior vinyl (via HHBTM Records).

Download: “Aaron the Afterthought Astronaut” by Fishboy
[audio:110208-fishboy-aaron-the-afterthought-astronaut.mp3|titles=Aareon the Afterthought Astronaut|artists=Fishboy]

Alyson Revere from Eric Edward Fishboy on Vimeo.

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