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Teen Daze

Teen Daze Finally Tops An Early Favorite In “Morning Glory”

Teen Daze

2015 marks five years since Teen Daze first debuted on the music scene with a four-song EP called Beach Dreams. In the years and countless releases (many of them digital singles) since, Teen Daze has flirted with several genres. Early on, Beach Dreams encompassed his style in a very descriptive way, while more recently Jamison (the band’s solo member) has found comfort in electronica. His latest release, Morning World, is a departure from the Lefse Records years back to his earlier roots. Read More »Teen Daze Finally Tops An Early Favorite In “Morning Glory”

Hayden Drops New Single, “Hey Love” – New LP out Soon!


My love of Hayden’s music goes way back. Back, in fact, twenty years to his sophomore release, Everything I Long For. I’ve always been a fan of his mopey Canadian folk rock. As a twenty-year career will do, his sound has evolved quite drastically. Still with a hint of sadness, modern Hayden tracks are more produced, much cleaner, and with an elevated sophistication that comes with age and experience. Read More »Hayden Drops New Single, “Hey Love” – New LP out Soon!

King Khan & the Shrines

King Khan & the Shrines: Idle No More

King Khan & the Shrines

I’ve become hypnotized. Haunted. Unsuspectingly allured. There is darkness / In every inch of my veins / In every pleasure, in every pain, coos King Khan with a high-pitched and heartfelt falsetto in “Darkness”, a bluesy, jazzy, laid back garage-pop ballad. The words are gripping amidst blaring soulful saxophones and trumpets. It’s enough to melt you inside. Read More »King Khan & the Shrines: Idle No More

The Morals, a band from Canada

The Morals: Sleeping in a Hammock

  • Ana Lete 

The Morals, a band from Canada

Listening to the new single, “Sleeping in a Hammock,” from Canadian three piece The Morals is like following a winding yellow brick road — yet finding gold at the end of the road instead of the Wicked Witch of the West. With its thought-provoking lyrics and winding feel changes, I would not be surprised if it became an indie “song of the summer” staple for 2013. Read More »The Morals: Sleeping in a Hammock

The Everywheres

The Everywheres: Someone Disappeared

The Everywheres’ self-titled LP is out later this month on Father/Daughter Records. “Someone Disappeared” is the lead single from the band, who’s catchy hooks delightfully infect every aspect of the song.

Hayden: Old Dreams


Not many people can say this, but I’ve been a fan of Hayden since his 1996 release Everything I Long For. In particular, there was this video for the song “Bad As They Seem” that I saw on a Canadian music show that same year. It wasn’t until college that I finally found and picked up the CD (oddly enough, it was used at Washington State University’s bookstore, The Bookie. Read More »Hayden: Old Dreams

Foxes In Fiction [Feature]


Foxes In Fiction comes to us from Toronto, and their dreamy sounds can be likened to the projects of Bradford Cox and a drug-induced stupor. In fact, the song “15 Ativan” is said to have been written for front-man Warren Hildebrand’s friend, who overdosed on said drug. Their calming soundscapes and meditative melodies are soothing, floating just beyond lucidity. Another prime example of this is “Bathurst”, a song ripe with atmospheric, catchy vocal harmonies. Read More »Foxes In Fiction [Feature]

The Sheepdogs: I Don’t Know [Video]


The Sheepdogs take classic rock down a bluesy, southern country road in their song “I Don’t Know”, and they do it in a classic Mopar with classic film. The video covers two young boys on a joyride. Hailing from Saskatoon in the province of Saskatchewan, one would think the band would be more suited for the flatlands of middle America, or the humid swamplands of the true south. But where small towns reside, so does that classic sound, be it Washington, Canada, or even a small town in eastern California. With plenty of twangy guitars and good-time vocals, “I Don’t Know” is off The Sheepdogs’ new album Learn & Burn. Read More »The Sheepdogs: I Don’t Know [Video]

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