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The Everywheres: Someone Disappeared

The Everywheres
The Everywheres

The Everywheres is right up my alley: punchy psych-influenced garage pop adorned with fuzzy vocals, jangle guitar and tambourine. The Everywheres’ self-titled LP is out later this month on Father/Daughter Records. “Someone Disappeared” is the lead single from the band, who’s catchy hooks delightfully infect every aspect of the song.

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Everywheres is the project of Samuel Hill, who originated the group over the summer last year.

With hazy vocals, “Someone Disappeared” reminds me of a less folk-centric version of early Cotton Jones, or even a less fuzzed-out, less 50s-pop-influenced Shimmering Stars. Honestly, those references are good and all, but I prefer The Everywheres. It’s my style of psych-pop.

Look for The Everywheres on vinyl from Father/Daughter on June 25.

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