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Hayden Drops New Single, “Hey Love” – New LP out Soon!


My love of Hayden’s music goes way back. Back, in fact, twenty years to his sophomore release, Everything I Long For. I’ve always been a fan of his mopey Canadian folk rock. As a twenty-year career will do, his sound has evolved quite drastically. Still with a hint of sadness, modern Hayden tracks are more produced, much cleaner, and with an elevated sophistication that comes with age and experience.

“Hey Love”, off his forthcoming 2015 LP, is a quintessential example of this.

Though the sadness and longing remain in Hayden’s vocals, he has matured both lyrically and artistically. Musicianship too has evolved; a slide guitar finds a comfortable home here, as it did on his previous release, Us Alone (2013).

While Us Alone held its weight, it was Hayden’s 2008 LP, In Field & Town, that I crown his pinnacle of success. “Hey Love”, however holds just as much power as many of the top songs on that album, so I’m very excited to give the new album a listen and see where it goes from here.

Listen to “Hey Love” below.

* * * * *

Fast forward a few weeks, and Hayden has dropped a video for another new track. This one’s called “Nowhere We Can Go” and it has a similar mopey-meets-romantic sound of “Hey Love”. Check out the video below, and look for Hayden’s new LP, Hey Love, out March 24 via Arts & Crafts!

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