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Teen Daze

Teen Daze Finally Tops An Early Favorite In “Morning Glory”

Teen Daze

2015 marks five years since Teen Daze first debuted on the music scene with a four-song EP called Beach Dreams. In the years and countless releases (many of them digital singles) since, Teen Daze has flirted with several genres. Early on, Beach Dreams encompassed his style in a very descriptive way, while more recently Jamison (the band’s solo member) has found comfort in electronica. His latest release, Morning World, is a departure from the Lefse Records years back to his earlier roots. Read More »Teen Daze Finally Tops An Early Favorite In “Morning Glory”

Teen Daze: Feature

Teen Daze

A new Teen Daze song is like a wrapped gift. You almost never know what you’re going to get. “Union”, off the band’s forthcoming LP The Inner Mansions is a perfect example. The song features Frankie Rose and mixes fuzzy pop sensibilities with the part beach, part chill, part dream pop Teen Daze has flirted with over the past few years. The song begins strong with hazy guitars and joint vocals from Rose and Teen Daze’s Jamison. Then “Union” morphs into something a bit calmer. Read More »Teen Daze: Feature

The Wind Whistles: Animals Are People Too [Album Review]

The Wind Whistles

Liza and Tom are back again! Yes, British Columbia’s finest boy/girl folk/pop The Wind Whistles have blessed us with yet another collection of seriously fun tracks that are nothing short of delightful. But, Animals Are People Too shall ring a bell with a pitch very different from their debut album, Window Sills. It is safe to say they have stepped their game up. Or at least taken it in a different, possibly four legged, direction. Read More »The Wind Whistles: Animals Are People Too [Album Review]

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