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The Wind Whistles: Animals Are People Too [Album Review]

The Wind Whistles

Liza and Tom are back again! Yes, British Columbia’s finest boy/girl folk/pop The Wind Whistles have blessed us with yet another collection of seriously fun tracks that are nothing short of delightful. But, Animals Are People Too shall ring a bell with a pitch very different from their debut album, Window Sills. It is safe to say they have stepped their game up. Or at least taken it in a different, possibly four legged, direction.

Though the title of this frenzy-inducing pop album may indicate the idea of being a concept piece, it really isn’t. It is a true work of poppy goodness though. Our friends have taken their temp to a more lighthearted speed than heard on their prior work (which is equally as impressive, just different). The electrically enhanced “The Quietest Voice” is catchy and awe inspiring. But, it is “Turtle” that shines the brightest without a doubt.

The Wind Whistles have been tirelessly spouting out their terms of endearment across the globe. With endless tours and albums free to download (including this one), it is apparent that they do it solely for the sake of their art. And with this mindset, comes some of the finest examples of pure down-home pop music that rides along the ocean tide of perfections. It’s very hard to not love such an ambiguously triumphant duo.

The Wind Whistles: The Quietest Voice [mp3]
[audio:091014-the_wind_whistles-the_quietest_voice.mp3|titles=The Quietest Voice|artists=The Wind Whistles]

The Wind Whistles: Turtle [mp3]
[audio:091014-the_wind_whistles-turtle.mp3|titles=Turtle|artists=The Wind Whistles]

Animals Are People Too by The Wind Whistles

Aaahh Records [Digital Album, 2009]

1. Turtle
2. Judo
3. House For A Mouse
4. Art And Work
5. The Quietest Voice
6. Bats In Flight
7. Making Your Own Stuff
8. Sleeping Lions
9. The Fish And The Worm
10. The Sun
11. After All
12. Spooks
13. Treehouse Lullaby

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