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Uniform Motion: Pictures [Album Review]

  • Cyndi 

Uniform Motion

Something in the world has shifted because yet again I am finding myself setting aside the mastery of electric guitars and songs for slower, seemingly simpler sounds, such as those of the folk band Uniform Motion. While we miss out on their rock art concept of sketches and soundscapes created during live performance, we still manage to experience a layer of unfamiliar, emotional imagery not yet touched upon by the majority of folk artists. The acoustic guitar is doused with melodies reminiscent of Jose Gonzalez, yet the intimately wispy vocals are unique. Read More »Uniform Motion: Pictures [Album Review]

The Wind Whistles: Animals Are People Too [Album Review]

The Wind Whistles

Liza and Tom are back again! Yes, British Columbia’s finest boy/girl folk/pop The Wind Whistles have blessed us with yet another collection of seriously fun tracks that are nothing short of delightful. But, Animals Are People Too shall ring a bell with a pitch very different from their debut album, Window Sills. It is safe to say they have stepped their game up. Or at least taken it in a different, possibly four legged, direction. Read More »The Wind Whistles: Animals Are People Too [Album Review]

Entertainment For The Braindead: Seven (+1) [Album Review]

EFTB is Entertainment For The Braindead

In the last Entertainment For The Braindead release, Hydrophobia, it was decided, sans any sort of competent research, that Julia Kotowski created clever electronic folk music. But I stood corrected. It is only seemingly electronic, a swirling of various effects; instead, the music consists of random homemade instruments (“paper bins and pepper mills”), the beautiful feminine voice of Kotowski, and an array of instruments Kotowski taught herself. Read More »Entertainment For The Braindead: Seven (+1) [Album Review]

Keyboard Rebel: Pop Grenade [Album Review]

Keyboard Rebel

Written by Ron Trembath

It is so refreshing to discover an indie-core band with a positive attitude. Manchester’s Keyboard Rebel hit it hard with uplifting prose over catchy bass lines. Pop Grenade is a not only a clever title, but a descriptor for the genre these low-key monarchs have attempted to produce. Splendid pop music busts through the tattooed walls and boot cut jean pillars of the rock n roll underground. Read More »Keyboard Rebel: Pop Grenade [Album Review]

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