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Keyboard Rebel: Pop Grenade [Album Review]

Keyboard Rebel

Written by Ron Trembath

It is so refreshing to discover an indie-core band with a positive attitude. Manchester’s Keyboard Rebel hit it hard with uplifting prose over catchy bass lines. Pop Grenade is a not only a clever title, but a descriptor for the genre these low-key monarchs have attempted to produce. Splendid pop music busts through the tattooed walls and boot cut jean pillars of the rock n roll underground.

The actual keyboard of Keyboard Rebel comes out best on the hook heavy “Monedo”. The rebel commences on the 50’s sounding bouncy cut “Abigail”. They dare to turn what could be a Happy Days dance track into a vengeful display of hatred for those who have wronged. Very Ramone-esque! Also see “Small & Round” for reference.

Pop Grenade (available for download at Aaahh Records) is by no means perfect in nature. Some hedges seem to be unintentionally left untrimmed. But, it is damn close to perfect. Elements of fun fused with pain create a dreamy like concoction of great indie pleasure. Surely it’s not one to be missed. It does seem easy to believe that Keyboard Rebel will be somebody’s favorite band in the near future. Maybe you?

Keyboard Rebel: Mondeo [mp3]
[audio:090127_keyboard_rebel_-_mondeo.mp3|titles=Mondeo|artists=Keyboard Rebel]

Keyboard Rebel: Abigail [mp3]
[audio:090127_keyboard_rebel_-_abigail.mp3|titles=Abigail|artists=Keyboard Rebel]

Pop Grenade by Keyboard Rebel

Aaahh Records [mp3 album, 2008]

1. My Lordship
2. Northern Sherpa
3. Mondeo
4. Golden Opportunity
5. Abigail
6. Lonesome George
7. Pop Grenade
8. Small & Round
9. Forest Song
10. Justice
11. So Cavalier

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