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Teen Daze: Feature

Teen Daze

A new Teen Daze song is like a wrapped gift. You almost never know what you’re going to get. “Union”, off the band’s forthcoming LP The Inner Mansions is a perfect example. The song features Frankie Rose and mixes fuzzy pop sensibilities with the part beach, part chill, part dream pop Teen Daze has flirted with over the past few years. The song begins strong with hazy guitars and joint vocals from Rose and Teen Daze’s Jamison. Then “Union” morphs into something a bit calmer.

The dichotomy of “Union” is on par with what we’ve heard previously from Teen Daze; the same can be said for the rest of the LP. For example, “Divided Loyalties” has a more electronic sound, on par with the Chillwave genre of which Jamison is quite fond. It features heavier beats, is laid back and inherently dreamy.

Both tracks can be heard below, courtesy Soundcloud. Look for The Inner Mansions in November on Lefse Records, available now for pre-order.

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