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Alan Cohen Experience: Einstein [Track]

Alan Cohen Experience

Alan Cohen shook your world in 2008 with the ultimate ode to the then president-elect (Senator) Barack Obama with his intense dance track “The Obama Groove”. In 2009, he took us on a journey back in time with one of the greatest hippie rock albums since Country Joe & The Fish, the Experience’s EP Eat The Peace. So where should a guy go when politics have faded away into the popular culture oblivion? Well, how about THE oblivion. Or how about the entire solar system for that matter? Read More »Alan Cohen Experience: Einstein [Track]

Alan Cohen Experience: Eat The Peace [Album Review]

Alan Cohen Experience

There isn’t much you could say about a group like Alan Cohen Experience that wouldn’t be bloody obvious after a quick listen to Alan and his orchestra’s latest experiment, Eat The Peace. This is piano-laced and hippie-friendly southern driven rock and roll that also parallels Phish at their happiest moments. It’s happy-go-lucky storytelling about every free-loving individualist’s favorite subjects: peace, love, train rides, and truck drivers. The lava lamp torch should instantly be passed down to Mr. Cohen. Read More »Alan Cohen Experience: Eat The Peace [Album Review]

Alan Cohen Experience: The Obama Groove [Video]

Alan Cohen Experience

Written by Fense

Alan Cohen Experience came to me about a year ago when I was sent the group’s debut LP. Now they’ve got a new EP and a little political ditty. So, it’s fitting that this feature goes up today, November 4, the day we will vote a new man into office. Along with Cohen, I sure hope Obama is the man the country chooses. So, before I go any further, let me say this: if you’re in the states, please go vote (I can only hope you’ll vote for Obama, but even if you’re an McCain supporter — or even an Nader supporter — it’s your duty). Read More »Alan Cohen Experience: The Obama Groove [Video]

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