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Alan Cohen Experience: Eat The Peace [Album Review]

Alan Cohen Experience

There isn’t much you could say about a group like Alan Cohen Experience that wouldn’t be bloody obvious after a quick listen to Alan and his orchestra’s latest experiment, Eat The Peace. This is piano-laced and hippie-friendly southern driven rock and roll that also parallels Phish at their happiest moments. It’s happy-go-lucky storytelling about every free-loving individualist’s favorite subjects: peace, love, train rides, and truck drivers. The lava lamp torch should instantly be passed down to Mr. Cohen.

Any given track on Eat The peace creates a valid argument material for “the better times,” the times when Kesey and Cassady parked their bus wherever the LSD took them. When The Grateful Dead were more than a cliche’ poster in every head shop across the land. Yes, Cohen and his Experience bring forth remembrance of such a justly romanticized time most of us now will never truly know about.

It may not be entirely obvious to some what a “Rock Biter” really is. But, tracks like “Peace”, “Jester”, or “Truck Driver” are as obvious as they are delightful. The mastermind of the “Obama Groove” never ceases to create such a likable persona in video and stage presence. But, even his album can make you feel joyous on your way to work. And maybe a bit shameful for listening to it in a gas guzzling SUV. Such is the power of the free mind in a not so free world. Well played Mr Cohen. Well played.

Alan Cohen Experience: Ranger Stranger [mp3]
[audio:091103-alan_cohen_experience-ranger_stranger.mp3|titles=Ranger Stranger|artists=Alan Cohen Experience]

Eat The Peace by Alan Cohen Experience

[CDEP, 2009]

1. Rock Biter
2. Train God
3. Ranger Stranger
4. Jester
5. Peace
6. Truck Driver

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