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Souvlaki: Pequeno Corazon Multilinge [Video]


Written by Fense

In part three of my Si No Puedo Bailar, No Es Me Revolución coverage, I present Souvlaki (MySpace). This band hails from Chile and is one of nearly 20 artists to appear on the recent Si No Puedo Bailar compilation Pero Ese Olor En El Cuarto Del Piano Fue El Primer Perfume Que Necesitó En Su Vida, available now from Darla Records. Here, their video for “Pequeno Corazon Multilinge” combines new with old for a unique take on video creation. Read More »Souvlaki: Pequeno Corazon Multilinge [Video]


Balún [Feature Band]

Today I present three features on bands introduced to me by a single compilation. The background: Last year, a little compilation pop label from Brazil sent me a lovely little collection of tunes, released as Porque Este Oceano Es El Tuyo, Es El Ma­o. Well, that label has done it again. Pero Ese Olor En El Cuarto Del Piano Fue El Primer Perfume Que Necesita En Su Vida is a pretty long name for an album, but it fits the concept.

Read More »Balún [Feature Band]

Grumpy Bear: Kosar [Album Review]

Grumpy Bear

Written by Fense

Kosar is the first album review on FensePost to have been released on a minidisk. It’s one of those under-three-inch discs rarely found anywhere these days. I remember first seeing the technology back in the 90s in the hands of a friend who used it to record some live tunes. We were riding the school bus and people found the minidisk player fascinating. While the technology never really took hold to replace the larger compact disc, Kosar proves just how unique Grumpy Bear is as a band. Read More »Grumpy Bear: Kosar [Album Review]

Blitzen Trapper: Furr [Album Review]

Blitzen Trapper by Jade Harris

Blitzen Trapper (MySpace) has been on my radar for some time now, but I just haven’t been paying them the attention they deserve. Chalk it up to their country swagger—something I’m generally not fond of—or the sheer amount of music out there at this time (I am fairly limited by the number of hours in a day). Luckily, their latest release, Furr, just arrived in my mailbox. Read More »Blitzen Trapper: Furr [Album Review]

White Rabbits: The Plot [Video]

White Rabbits by Lucy Hamblin

Written by Fense

Oh glorious garage pop, how I love thee. I was looking for a new album to tuck nicely beside one of my all-time, top 10 albums, Up Against The Legends by The Legends, and what I found was Fort Nightly by White Rabbits (MySpace). And it worked perfectly. The elements are there—the hefty drums and electric guitars all have a massive pop ring and… oh… that tambourine! Read More »White Rabbits: The Plot [Video]

The Pica Beats: Beating Back The Claws Of The Cold [Album Review]

The Pica Beats

Written by Fense

I’m reading a little note by a key force behind Hardly Art Records, the label releasing The Pica Beats (MySpace) sophomore album, Beating Back The Claws Of The Cold, today. I usually don’t quote press releases, but this one is both important and relevant:

If there’s one thing I love about this label, it is being able to introduce bands that no one knew existed.

And it’s true. I hadn’t known about Le Loup or Pretty & Nice (the latter will hit later this year), or even their set of local Seattle bands. The list: Arthur & Yu, The Moondoggies, and, of course, The Pica Beats. That is, I didn’t know about any of them until the Hardly Art introduction. Read More »The Pica Beats: Beating Back The Claws Of The Cold [Album Review]

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