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Grand Archives: Miniature Birds [Video]

Grand Archives by David Belisle

Written by Fense

A comfort band is one that you can return to at any time and any place and still enjoy; the true comfort band typically falls into a categorization that includes some all-time favorite albums and groups that make top personal end of year charts. Their songs have that certain something—a connection—that is, if nothing else, comforting. Grand Archives (MySpace) is such a band for me. Read More »Grand Archives: Miniature Birds [Video]

The Legends [Feature Band]

The Legends by Henrik MÃ¥rtensson

One of my earliest forays into Swedish pop, which has come to dominate my musical obsession over the past few years, was my introduction to The Legends. The band consists of Johan Angergård, a key mastermind behind Acid House Kings and Club 8. Each new album by The Legends takes the band in a slightly new direction; with each release, the listener is treated to something completely new.

Read More »The Legends [Feature Band]

Darker My Love [Feature Band]

Darker My Love

I was initially confounded by Darker My Love (MySpace). Many songs off their sophomore release, aptly titled 2, have the indie pop sound, but the strength behind guitars is quite a bit heavier than your typical “indie pop” band. Then I thought, Well wouldn’t that mean the band fits Power Pop? Granted, power pop is a heavier sounding indie pop, but even that doesn’t fit. For one, there’s too much drone. Then there’s a hefty element of psychedelic rock, and massive traces of shoegaze. Read More »Darker My Love [Feature Band]

Fredrik: 1986 [Video]


Written by Fense

Here it is, the debut video by Swedish experimental pop masters Fredrik (MySpace), led by frontman Fredrik, also known as one half of the duo that is The LK (previously The Lovekevins). Fredrik is a bit fuller than the other project. Despite the singular name, Fredrik is actually a full-fledged group, featuring several members as opposed to The LK’s duo (also featuring Lindefelt, who appears here as well). Read More »Fredrik: 1986 [Video]

Talkdemonic: Eyes At Half Mast [Album Review]

Talkdemonic by Alicia Rose Photography

Written by Fense

I missed out on Beat Romantic. Sure, I own a copy of the album, but I didn’t pick up the pristine green vinyl version before it sold out. I told myself I wouldn’t let that happen on the new Talkdemonic (MySpace) album, Eyes At Half Mast. And I didn’t—this one is on flashy white vinyl. I snagged a copy the day it hit stores. Read More »Talkdemonic: Eyes At Half Mast [Album Review]

Murmansk [Feature Band]

Murmansk by Terhi Ylimainen

Written by Fense

“Chinese Locks”, the debut title-track by Murmansk (MySpace) opens with drone and feedback-filled guitars that last a full two minutes before any sort of rhythmic beat comes in. In a way, it sets the stage for what’s to come—Murmansk’s experimental style, female fronted rock. It’s a powerful and bold introductory statement that, in all actuality, works quite well. Read More »Murmansk [Feature Band]

Souvlaki: Pequeno Corazon Multilinge [Video]


Written by Fense

In part three of my Si No Puedo Bailar, No Es Me Revolución coverage, I present Souvlaki (MySpace). This band hails from Chile and is one of nearly 20 artists to appear on the recent Si No Puedo Bailar compilation Pero Ese Olor En El Cuarto Del Piano Fue El Primer Perfume Que Necesitó En Su Vida, available now from Darla Records. Here, their video for “Pequeno Corazon Multilinge” combines new with old for a unique take on video creation. Read More »Souvlaki: Pequeno Corazon Multilinge [Video]

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