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Fredrik: 1986 [Video]


Written by Fense

Here it is, the debut video by Swedish experimental pop masters Fredrik (MySpace), led by frontman Fredrik, also known as one half of the duo that is The LK (previously The Lovekevins). Fredrik is a bit fuller than the other project. Despite the singular name, Fredrik is actually a full-fledged group, featuring several members as opposed to The LK’s duo (also featuring Lindefelt, who appears here as well).

Let it be heard (I’ve said it once and I’ll say it as many times as it takes to get drilled into your head): Na Na Ni, the 2008 album by Fredrik, is my #1 album of 2008. Damn if any band is going to change that in the next few months—it’s impossible! That’s how much confidence I have in the album. (And one listen to “1986” and “Black Fur”, the two tracks included below, should sell you on this notion as well.)

So, what about the video? It’s a bit weird; it looks like a disjointed old-school tech project from the wacky mind of a Swede. And it is! And he uses graphics that look like they could have surfaced in 1986; it all makes the video (and the song title) all the more effective.

Whether it’s “1986” or the first single, “Black Fur”, or even the delicious “Evil And I”, Fredrik is bound to take the US by storm when Na Na Ni finally hits the states via The Kora Records next month (October 28 to be exact).

Currently, however, it’s only available in Sweden via Jezebel Recordings. But I’d hold off on picking it up from Jezebel, unless you plan on picking up multiple copies (like I plan to). Kora will drop the album not only as a CD but also as 140 gram vinyl! While the CD is out in October, vinyl will hit stores (and the Kora website) sometime in November, to coincide with Fredrik’s brief US tour… the dates are below the video.

Included below are mp3s for “1986” and “Black Fur”. Enjoy these and, come November, do what I’ll be doing: go get yourself a copy of the vinyl. (Or, if you truly wish to be like me, pick up two!)

Fredrik: 1986 [mp3]

Fredrik: Black Fur [mp3]
[audio:0925_fredrik_-_black_fur.mp3|titles=Black Fur|artists=Fredrik]

Fredrik – 1986 from The Kora Records on Vimeo.

11.05: Washington, DC (DC9)
11.12: Boston, MA (TT the Bears)
11.13: Portland, ME (Space 538)

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