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Crystal Antlers: Crystal Antlers EP [Album Review]

Crystal Antlers

Talking to a friend several months ago about a quote she had on her IM profile, which said Fuck is the new Wolf, I couldn’t help but make the following prediction: Sure, but Crystal is the new Fuck. I could not have been more right.

It’s list time (in order of when I became aware of the band):
– Crystal Skulls
– Crystal Castles
– Crystal Stilts
– Crystal Antlers

Oh, and I just got a CD in the mail by a band called Celestial. Their latest release is called Crystal Heights.

The latest add band-wise, however, is Crystal Antlers and I recently picked up their self-titled EP, just reissued on Touch And Go Records (a prior version—the one I have—was self-released by the band). Enclosed inside a paperboard case are six unclassifiable songs.

And they truly are; each song blends so many genres that it becomes difficult to distinguish one influence and style from another. Take single “A Thousand Eyes”—the song that originally got me into the band… it combines all the proper elements to make Crystal Antlers a hype group. The organ/bass lines even give it a jazz-like base.

But “A Thousand Eyes” isn’t the only phenom on the EP. While they’re all great, opener “Until The Sun Dies (Part 2)” and closer “Parting Song For The Torn Sky” are easy favorites. The true eye opener, in my opinion, is the latter. Andrew King’s wild experimental guitar solo that spans much of the song is breathtaking; then, when Johnny Bell belts out his hoarsely screamed vocals at around the midpoint—hell, it’s an audible orgasm. Seriously, few songs from this year—if any—top this one in sheer genius.

That’s pretty much what you can expect from the entire EP: creative genius that’s unparalleled in modern music. And that’s what makes Crystal Antlers the best damn band taking advantage of the Crystal is the new Fuck tagline.

Crystal Antlers: A Thousand Eyes [mp3]
[audio:0925_crystal_antlers_-_a_thousand_eyes.mp3|titles=A Thousand Eyes|artists=Crystal Antlers]

Crystal Antlers EP by Crystal Antlers

Touch And Go [CDEP, 2008]

1. Until The Sun Dies (Part 2)
2. Vexation
3. A Thousand Eyes
4. Owl
5. Arcturus
6. Parting Song For The Torn Sky

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