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Blitzen Trapper: Furr [Album Review]

Blitzen Trapper by Jade Harris

Blitzen Trapper (MySpace) has been on my radar for some time now, but I just haven’t been paying them the attention they deserve. Chalk it up to their country swagger—something I’m generally not fond of—or the sheer amount of music out there at this time (I am fairly limited by the number of hours in a day). Luckily, their latest release, Furr, just arrived in my mailbox.

Despite Furr being Blitzen Trapper’s fourth album, my exposure to the group has been limited to the beloved Daytrotter, to which they’ve donated three full sessions. And I haven’t listened to those enough. But I can say I like Furr more. Be it a fuller and more produced sound, or merely the sound of their songs as they were meant to be heard, I just dig it more in its original state (something that’s not always the case with Daytrotter).

Furr hit stores yesterday and the single available for free public consumption is the title track, a soft and melodic tune that hits all the key elements of their sound—it’s got a laid-back southern swagger and is full with numerous instruments and pop sensibilities. The song is on par with “Black River Killer”, a CSNY-esque early 70s folk tune minus the four part harmonies (or maybe Neil Young out on his own), and “Not Your Lover”, a pleasant piano ballad.

That describes about half of Furr. The other half, however, is a bit heavier than “Furr”, with more pop; it’s louder too. There tends to be more instrumentation in songs like “Fire + Fast Bullets” and opener “Sleepytime In The Western World”. Then there’s the super poppy “Saturday Nite” (hints of Saturday Night Fever?) and the power rock slow song “Love U”.

Blitzen Trapper: Furr [mp3]
[audio:0924_blitzen_trapper_-_furr.mp3|titles=Furr|artists=Blitzen Trapper]

Furr by Blitzen Trapper

Sub Pop [CD, 2008]

1. Sleepytime in the Western World
2. Gold For Bread
3. Furr
4. God & Suicide
5. Fire & Fast Bullets
6. Saturday Nite
7. Black River Killer
8. Not Your Lover
9. Love U
10. War On Machines
11. Stolen Shoes & a Rifle
12. Echo/Always On/Easy Con
13. Lady On the Water

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