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Virgin Of The Birds

Virgin Of The Birds: Interview

For those unaware, Virgin Of The Birds is the brainchild of Seattle musician and Abandoned Love Records label head Jon Rooney. Virgin Of The Birds has a new album on the way late this month called Winter Seeds. I recently sat down with Rooney, with whom I’ve been acquainted since my discovery of The Lovely Sparrows back in 2006, to discuss the new release and what he’s been up to these days.

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Devon Reed

An Interview with Devon Reed, the man behind “You Be My Heart, Vol. 1”

You Be My Heart is a relatively new compilation (released late last year) featuring the likes of Horse Feathers, Marissa Nadler, Bowerbirds, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Mark Kozelek and many more. Just after the New Year, I sat down with the compilation’s mastermind, Devon Reed (pictured above), to talk about the release, the charity it supports and how he approaches projects like this.

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Fishboy Acoustic Performance

Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

Fishboy Acoustic Performance

Fishboy is one of my favorite bands because frontman Eric Michener approaches music in a different way than most musicians. His albums, at least the latest two in Classic Creeps and Albatross, follow stories chronologically throughout the album. They’re amusing, funny and lighthearted. While Classic Creeps was originally released back in 2011, Michener recently released an acoustic version of the album with a tour diary comic. Read More »Fishboy Releases “Classic Creeps” Acoustic, Live and with a Tour Diary Comic!

We Found a Lovebird

We Found A Lovebird: A Brief Interview with Larry Lechner

It donned on me while listening to “Don’t Blame The Times”, the fifth track on We Found A Lovebird‘s new six-song EP, Let’s Start The War, that this band may in fact be influenced – at least in part – by early Elvis Costello. It was a thought that had not occurred to me previously, for whatever reason, so I asked member Larry Lechner, the band’s vocalist/guitarist about it. What began as a simple question became a full-fledged interview over Facebook messages.

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Golden Bloom

An Interview with Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom

Though we have never met in person, Golden Bloom front-man Shawn Fogel and I have known each other for about half a decade. Back when he created music under his own name rather than the Golden Bloom moniker. Fogel’s music has always had a more contemporary pop sound than you’re standard indie artist, and I think it’s fared him well. No more is this apparent than on his new EP, No Day Like Today, which is a notable leap forward for the artist. I had the pleasure of chatting with Fogel last weekend to discuss the new release, his plans for the future, and the changes the band has witnessed over the years.

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Yarn Owl [Interview]


I’ve known Yarn Owl‘s Ted Powers (drums) and Timothy Meinig (bass) since, well, probably 2005. Javier Suarez (vocals and guitar) I met in the years after my 2006 departure. In fact, the only band member I have yet to met is Tyler Armour. So yes, I’ve been following Yarn Owl, virtually, since the beginning. With their first full-length now available, and a planned west-coast visit this coming weekend (see them at Columbia City Theater in Seattle on March 26 and again at Sunset Tavern on the 31st), I sat down with long-time favorite Yarn Owl. The man: Javier. The setting: Facebook messages. Here we go… Read More »Yarn Owl [Interview]

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