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Gap Dream: Feature

Gap Dream

Gap Dream is the project of Cleveland resident Gabriel Fulvimar. Fulvimar’s self-titled album under the Gap Dream name appears to be heavily influenced by Nuggets-era 60s psych rock. The band has been labeled as everything from garage rock (which is a tab I would attribute to them, but only slightly) to surf-rock (not quite hearing it) and beyond. Everyone has their own opinion. Most words I’ve seen, though, agree that Gap Dream is a pretty damn phenomenal record. I, of course, fully concur.

One listen to the opening track off the band’s self-titled LP on Burger Records and I was hooked. That track is “58th St. Fingers” and it’s a dreamy psychedelic masterpiece with a catchy rhythm, hefty and mesmerizing vocal hooks, and enough buzz in the guitar to keep things beefy.

Gap Dream isn’t a hard-hitter though; these aren’t wild in-your-face fast tracks. They sport a cool swagger, carefree and laid back, but not overly hazy. (It even holds true for songs you think might change things up, like “Feast of the First Morning”.) It is this, paired with the hypnotic vocal styling of Fulvimar that makes Gap Dream such a noteworthy artist.

I stumbled across Gap Dream via one of my favorite blogs, Finest Kiss. (I know that 4 times out of 5, I’ll dig what Toby writes about. He’s the one that got me into Exlovers, whose Moth LP is one of my favorites this year.) This led me to grab the album on bandcamp, and it’s dominated my playlist since.

Favorites include the aforementioned “58th St. Fingers”, “Go Ahead”, and closing track “Slave”. Of course, the full album is worth grabbing. Gap Dream dropped a video for their song “Go Ahead” early this year. Check out the video below, stream “58th St. Fingers” and then head over to bandcamp to snag the record.

Stream: “58th St. Fingers” by Gap Dream

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