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Belgian Fog: A Brief Interview with Robert Dale

Belgian Fog Seattle Band

Belgian Fog Seattle Band

Not much can be found online about Belgian Fog. Belgian Fog is Robert Dale, a Los Angeles native who now resides in Seattle. There’s a single song, “Wait for Help”, on Soundcloud, a simple and minimal Facebook Page, and an equally minimal Twitter account.

His lone public song, “Wait for Help”, lyrically appears to be about some sort of mental affliction. I can take the meds more easily / Knowing I have a friend who’d take it for me / And I just can’t seem to shake the stigma / And I doubt I ever will (loosely transcribed while listening; may not be actual lyrics). Whether this is the case or not is yet to be determined.

Musically, Belgian Fog’s style has many references to the past and the present: he lists his modern influences as The XX and Foster the People, while those from the past as NES and Atari game music and Dave Fridmann. But they go far beyond these. Listen to the song below:

Dale is brief and to-the-point; it may be the nature of communicating over the Internets, or that he’s shy, or maybe he just doesn’t feel like saying much. I had a quick chat with Dale over the weekend about Belgian Fog, his relocation to Seattle and the lone song that made me a huge Belgian Fog fan: “Wait for Help”.

Fense: Seems like you’ve got a solid sound going with “Wait For Help”. Any additional songs in progress? If so, when can we expect them to debut?

BF: Yeah, I’m surely working on new stuff. It may be a while but…

Fense: What’s your role at KEXP? What prompted your move from LA?

I’m simply an assistant to Kevin Cole, nothing major, but a really fun place to be. Um, I moved up with my family when my dad switched jobs a while back.

Fense: You mention The XX and Foster the People. I also get the sense there are other influences just beneath the surface; who else would you say inspired “Wait For Help”.

BF: Well… NES game music is a definite; possibly Atari as well. Dave Fridmann; Lot’s of stuff I’ll hear, here and there, without consciously identifying it.

Fense: Is there a story behind the song?

BF: Haha, this is really difficult to answer; so I’ll simply say “yes” and “sort of” (maybe I’ll tell you in real-time someday) but hopefully the idea is easily interpreted.

Fense: Can you tell me a little more about yourself / Belgian Fog?

BF: Hmm… I’ve played in several bands in the past but tend to work alone on recording. I like eating healthy then binging, I’m an average driver, and enjoy quoting non-sequitur Mark Hamill lines.

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