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The Shackeltons: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.31.2008]

The Shackeltons at Bumbershoot, photo by Fense

In seeing The Shackeltons (MySpace) perform live, you are GUARANTEED one thing. (In that statement, GUARANTEED must be italicized and in all caps. That’s how sure one can be in making such a statement.) In seeing The Shackeltons perform, you will, no matter what the circumstance, be treated to one of the all-time greatest performances you will ever see. Period.

In seeing The Shackeltons perform, I have a few recommendations:

1. Get there early. There are two reasons for this; (i) it will allow you to take your place up near the stage, which is by far the best way to experience a show by The Shackeltons, and (ii) you’ll be treated to the “set up”, in which the band decorates the stage with props. In this case, the band decorated the stage with branches, flowers, a telephone and a suitcase. All became props for frontman Mark Redding, which brings me to the next item…

2. Bring a camera. The Shackeltons are one of my favorite bands to photograph, all thanks to front-man Mark Redding’s stage antics. He really gets into it. He sat and stood on the suitcase, he pretended to make a phone call, and he waved and threw flowers and branches around on stage.

3. Beware. Sometimes Redding comes off the stage. Sometimes he throws things, as mentioned above. I was almost hit by a branch tossed aside during a fit of screams. Abby from Sound On The Sound and I helped Redding back onto the stage after he ran through the crowd and we both had cameras in our hands. It’s inevitable.

4. Know the material (this is not madatory, of course; I just added it because I needed one more item). Like most bands, they’re best when you know the material inside and out. But, this is one band that you can go see knowing nothing of the group and still come out thinking you’ve witnessed a damn great show.

He ran through a few new ones but also hit my favorites off last year’s self-titled release, “Your Movement” and “Emergency” being the ones I hoped to hear. Below is “Your Movement” from that release.

The Shackeltons: Your Movement [mp3]
[audio:0905_the_shackeltons_-_your_movement.mp3|titles=Your Movement|artists=The Shackeltons]

Click the image below to see more photos from the event; all photos by Fense.

The Shackeltons live at Bumbershoot, photo by Fense

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