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bumbershoot 2008

The Shackeltons: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.31.2008]

The Shackeltons at Bumbershoot, photo by Fense

In seeing The Shackeltons (MySpace) perform live, you are GUARANTEED one thing. (In that statement, GUARANTEED must be italicized and in all caps. That’s how sure one can be in making such a statement.) In seeing The Shackeltons perform, you will, no matter what the circumstance, be treated to one of the all-time greatest performances you will ever see. Period. Read More »The Shackeltons: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.31.2008]

Thao Nguyen: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.30.2008]

Thao Nguyen at Bumbershoot 2008, photo by Fense

As Thao Nguyen (MySpace) took the Rockstar Stage at Bumbershoot, I had déjà vu. You see, one year ago, I attended Bumbershoot and witnessed St. Vincent play solo in this very spot. As I lined her up in my camera sights, I flashed back to the present. Thao’s music is quite different from that of St. Vincent, yet both dabble lightly in folk-pop. Read More »Thao Nguyen: Bumbershoot [Live, 08.30.2008]

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