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The Migrant

The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’

The Migrant

Denmark artist Bjarke Bendtsen, better known state-side as The Migrant, is back with his third album. Beads continues Bendtsen’s collective-style experimental/psychedelic folk-pop leanings. Loosely translated, GFRock calls the new album “A meditative journey in Nordic Americana.” Earlier this month, the band gave us a video created by a woman named Mary for album highlight “The Pony”. Read More »The Migrant Returns with ‘Beads’

Fense’s Radio Show: October 7, 2011

I entered the studio at about 9:35pm, meeting up with Stuarto, who has the time slot before mine. A quick interview about 15 minutes before my show, another few songs, and I was up. It was requested that I attempt a transition, and as indie music is my theme, and world music is his, I figured I’d kick things off with an oldie, but goodie: “The Gulag Orkestar” by Beirut. Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: October 7, 2011

FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #4, Time Flies


It appears there is truth behind the popular phrase about time speeding by the older you get. After hitting the ripe age of 30 back in September and taking a nice little road trip from my home north of Seattle to the Southwest town of Albuquerque at the end of that month, time seems to have slipped by with ease. And it appears I haven’t done one of these podcast things since July! Read More »FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #4, Time Flies

The Migrant

The Migrant [Feature]

The Migrant

Last month… actually, two months ago now that it’s officially November, Danish artist Bjarke Bendtsen released his debut album under the guise of The Migrant. That work is titled Travels In Lowland and it is a wonderful mix of pop and psychedelic folk. Bendtsen’s life seems a dream; he spent the past year traveling through the states with a guitar and a suitcase only to return to Denmark to record this album. And he did so from a cottage on the coast. That is, I assume, where the cover art comes from. Then he returned to the states to record his second, which we will see next year. Read More »The Migrant [Feature]

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