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Fense’s Radio Show: October 7, 2011

I entered the studio at about 9:35pm, meeting up with Stuarto, who has the time slot before mine. A quick interview about 15 minutes before my show, another few songs, and I was up. It was requested that I attempt a transition, and as indie music is my theme, and world music is his, I figured I’d kick things off with an oldie, but goodie: “The Gulag Orkestar” by Beirut.

The theme of the evening, loosely, centered around folk. Indie folk, folk pop, folk rock, orchestral folk, experimental folk… you name it. Below is the playlist from the night. Look for the bold track names to grab an mp3 of select songs from the show, including a personal favorite, “Golden Friends” by Leopold And His Fiction…

“The Gulag Orkestar” by Beirut off Gulag Orkestar
“Louise” by Norwegian Arms off Louise EP
“Chesser” by Ramona Córdova off The Boy Who Floated Freely

“The Birds” by Folklore off Home Church Road
“Bullfrog Blues” by Donkeys off Born With Stripes
“Love The Way You Walk Away” by Blitzen Trapper off American Goldwing

“The Shrine / An Argument” by Fleet Foxes off Helplessness Blues
“The Hurricane” by The Migrant off Amerika
“Free’s” by Bill Callahan off Apocalypse

“The Honest Truth” by Typhoon off A New Kind of House
“Gasworks” by Hey Marseilles off To Travels & Trunks
“Falling Down” by David Karsten Daniels off Fear of Flying

“Wraith” by The Lovely Sparrows off Bury the Cynics
“Bugs” by O’Death off Outside
“It’s A Shame, It’s A Pity” by The Moondoggies off Tidelands

“While You Were Sleeping” by Elvis Perkins off Ash Wednesday
“Favourite Colour Blue” by Tom Brosseau off Posthumous Success
“Meal of Dreams” by Book Club off Ghost

“Slowdown” by Vanish Valley off Get Good
“Cave Country” by Quiet Life off Big Green
“Moon See, Day See” by The Heligoats off Live Free & Let Loose

“Bad Luck” by Royal City off 1999-2004
“Golden Friends” by Leopold & His Fiction off Golden Friends / Throne 7″
“Too Afraid to Love You” by The Black Keys off Brothers

“Teach My Heart” by Charles Leo Gebhardt IV off Begin Again

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