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FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #4, Time Flies


It appears there is truth behind the popular phrase about time speeding by the older you get. After hitting the ripe age of 30 back in September and taking a nice little road trip from my home north of Seattle to the Southwest town of Albuquerque at the end of that month, time seems to have slipped by with ease. And it appears I haven’t done one of these podcast things since July!

I took that photo up there somewhere along the side of the highway in northern New Mexico. It was so warm, then — 10am and already hinting at 75. Andi and I pulled over to catch a stretch and take in the view. The sun was bright, the sky a deep blue. The clouds stood stark and white against it all. Yet the photo turned out dark and mysterious. There’s a chill to it that fits this cold winter morning; it’s all quite fitting.

Yes, it is now late November and holiday season is upon us. For those of us in the states, we just spent the weekend stuffing our faces with food, enjoying family and/or friends, and emptying their wallets at the local chain store. What better to conclude a few days off than with installment #4 of the FensePost Podcast?

It was supposed to be a “Black Friday Modern Folk Mix” but it morphed and changed and now it’s something a little different. And it took a bit longer to compile as well. There are folk songs in here, but they’re certainly not folk in the traditional sense of the word; all songs mesh in other genres, but all are worthy of a little extra attention. Sixteen songs, a shade over an hour — I hope you enjoy.

Download: FensePost Podcast Volume 01 Issue 04
[audio:101129-fensepost-podcast-vol01-issue04.mp3|titles=FensePost Podcast Volume 01 Issue 04]


1. “The Pan” by The Goodnight Loving off The Goodnight Loving Supper Club
2. “Keeping The Flame” by Kelley Stolts off To Dreamers
3. “Couer D’Alene” by The Head & The Heart off The Head & The Heart
4. “Run From The Gun” by Dead Confederate off Sugar
5. “Waterfall” by The Fresh & Onlys off Play It Strange
6. “A Lighthearted Love Song” by The Pets off Love & War
7. “Very Famous” by Troy Von Balthazar off How To Live On Nothing
8. “Where’s Your Dirty Mind?” by Avi Buffalo off Avi Buffalo
9. “Falling Down” by David Karsten Daniels off Fear Of Flying
10. “Cold Summer” by Seabear off We Built A Fire
11. “The Organ Grinder” by The Migrant off Travels In Lowland
12. “Own Stunts” by Breathe Owl Breathe off Magic Central
13. “Gift From A Holiday” by Like Pioneers off Piecemeal
14. “So Many Ways To Die” by Bombadil off Tarpits & Canyonlands
15. “Volunteers” by Megafaun off Heretofore
16. “Penthouse Lover” by Hobosexual off Hobosexual

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