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The Best LPs of 2012 Countdown: 50 to 41

Today I present to you the first in a series of posts covering our top 50 albums of 2012. These lists take a long time to compile, so, to save my sanity, I’ve split it into a five-part countdown, beginning with 50 through 41. As these things go, it’s all subjective — best-of lists are compiled based on what we feel at this particular moment in time.

Case in point: At this time last year, my top three albums were: 3. Dream Diary by Jeremy Jay, 2. Music Sounds Better With You by Acid House Kings, and 1. Apocalypse by Bill Callahan. Given a year to mull these over, within the top twenty I’d have to also consider placements for Wooden Shjips, Youth Lagoon and Craft Spells. Not to mention A Classic Education.

Read More »The Best LPs of 2012 Countdown: 50 to 41

The Horde & The Harem: Chasing Crows (Video)

The Horde And The Harem

At FensePost, we pride ourselves in not necessarily being the most timely site out there. We don’t care about breaking the next big band because, well, someone else probably already has. Instead, we prefer to focus on providing you, the reader, with great content. Sometimes that means covering a band of which you are already familiar, and sometimes it means introducing you to new bands and their previous releases. You can probably guess what we’re getting at here… Read More »The Horde & The Harem: Chasing Crows (Video)

The Horde And The Harem: Feature

The Horde And The Harem

I’m no stranger to discovering new music already in my collection. One such band is The Horde And The Harem, who’s song “Gold Rush” has been an obsession of mine since I unearthed it a few weeks ago. “Gold Rush” was released on their Harvest EP way back in 2010. So after a quick Google of the band yesterday evening, I discovered they have a brand new LP out (day of, nonetheless!) called A Long Midwinter… out February 2! Read More »The Horde And The Harem: Feature

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