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The Horde & The Harem: Chasing Crows (Video)

The Horde And The Harem

At FensePost, we pride ourselves in not necessarily being the most timely site out there. We don’t care about breaking the next big band because, well, someone else probably already has. Instead, we prefer to focus on providing you, the reader, with great content. Sometimes that means covering a band of which you are already familiar, and sometimes it means introducing you to new bands and their previous releases. You can probably guess what we’re getting at here…

No, The Long Midwinter is not a brand new album. It was released back in January (I believe, though it may have been February) of this year by Seattle band The Horde & The Harem. At least, January is when the band debuted their video for “Chasing Crows”, which was likely performed last night at their Neumos show.

The Horde & The Harem creates lovable orchestral indie-folk with hints of pop. On par with other local Northwest bands like The Head & The Heart and Portland’s Typhoon, don’t be surprised if this group gains greatly in popularity like its brethren.

The video is a great one and should earn top honors as one of the better videos of the year. Featuring a businessman in a suit on his way to what we assume is work or an interview, he dozes off on the train (…is that the South Lake Union Trolley, aka S.L.U.T., in Seattle) only to waken in the forest. It’s a Peter Pan-like story that ends in a feather pillow fight between children dressed in Never Never Land attire and adults in suits.

I love videos like this. Their feel-good nature is heart-warming, especially in the winter months.

Grab The Long Midwinter today at a discount from The Horde & The Harem’s website. I just picked up my copy of the LP + T-Shirt package deal for $20. Get yours so you can check out the album before compiling your best-of-the-year albums list!

And, for now, listen to the album’s title track and watch the video for “Chasing Crows” below:

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