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Fense’s Radio Show: November 23, 2012

James John Cafe

Alright, so I have a treat for you. Being that I spent Thanksgiving week on vacation in Vancouver, WA with my parents — yes, a full week — I was out of town for my normal Friday show. Rather than having Stuarto cover for me, as holidays aren’t the best for extra shifts at the radio station, I put together a pre-recorded show. So I’m presenting that to you now, in full form. Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: November 23, 2012

A Dark God Heart by Sleep Party People

15 Must-See Indie Music Videos of 2012

Music videos can be total sensory overload. Not only do you get great audio from bands that have often spent insurmountable time mastering a song they have created, adding to them videos can open a similar avenue with interesting visual storylines and themes. Some have plots, some have twists, and some have neither; others are funny or thought-provoking; all within this list are great in their own right. Check out 15 of my favorite (in no particular order, other than the order they were added to the list) indie music videos of 2012… so far… and let me know what your favorite is, whether it’s on the list or not.

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Sleep Party People Band

Sleep Party People: A Dark God Heart (NSFW Video)

Sleep Party People is a band that knows how to dominate your emotions, blending elements of post-rock, bedroom pop and shoegaze for a sound both terrifying and beautiful. The video for their song “A Dark God Heart” documents the fragility of life and the sorrow in death. The saying is Innocence is bliss, but I disagree. This video shows there is beauty is loss and tragedy, and as cliche sayings go It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never loved at all.

Read More »Sleep Party People: A Dark God Heart (NSFW Video)
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