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Like Pioneers: Boggs

Like Pioneers

Like Pioneers return May 22 with a new album on Abandoned Love Records called Oh, Magic. It’s their first new material since 2010’s Piecemeal LP on that label, and it finds the band straying slightly from their previous work in that it’s not as rooted in folk. “Boggs” is the lead single off the LP. Read More »Like Pioneers: Boggs

1968 BMW 1600

FensePost Top 33 and 1/3: The Best Albums of 2010

The problem with so-called best-of lists, is that they are really just a collection of items organized based on experience and time, in that there will be plenty of albums heard the following year and beyond that will hold just as much weight as these we dub as “Best.” So, as of right now, at this particular time in the tail end of 2010 and the first moments of 2011, these albums are the best. There’s no question about it; it will change. My next list (which I’ve started, but may take a while to publish) is dubbed, paraphrase: the best albums I didn’t check out in 2011 for some reason or another.

Read More »FensePost Top 33 and 1/3: The Best Albums of 2010

FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #4, Time Flies


It appears there is truth behind the popular phrase about time speeding by the older you get. After hitting the ripe age of 30 back in September and taking a nice little road trip from my home north of Seattle to the Southwest town of Albuquerque at the end of that month, time seems to have slipped by with ease. And it appears I haven’t done one of these podcast things since July! Read More »FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #4, Time Flies

20 Must Hear Albums from 2010: A Mid-Year List

I know, I’ve owed this one to you, my readers, for a few months now. The plan originally was to concoct a sort of mid-year recap of the first half, dictating a slew of wonderful albums that may or may not come to find a spot on the inevitable end-of-year list. A hint at what may come. But that didn’t happen. I added a few hobbies to my seemingly never ending list of things that eat away at my time (see above photo) and it fell down the priority list.

Read More »20 Must Hear Albums from 2010: A Mid-Year List

Like Pioneers: Piecemeal [Album Review]


Last week saw the quiet return of a great label, one that we here at FensePost have been following for quite some time. It wasn’t so much a return, rather the branching out away from label head Jon Rooney’s solo project Virgin Of The Birds. And he certainly chose the right artist to mark the label’s first release in quite some time. Like Pioneers boast a slew of artists with a hefty background in creating phenomenal music. Let’s see, there’s Bound Stems, Chin Up Chin Up, Vacations, and The Narrator. While I haven’t spent much time with the latter two, the former are totally legit. Read More »Like Pioneers: Piecemeal [Album Review]

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