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Fense’s Radio Show: April 6, 2012

This was supposed to be a productive week, those hours after work. But I ended up doing what any solid music nerd would: procrastinate by going through my records and singles, rediscovering old favorites and discovering new treasures hidden within my collection. We listened to The Smiths on repeat for a few days. I dug out an old single by The Rondelles.

I got Andi into Crystal Stilts.

And despite all this recounting of the past, of all the listening to albums already in my collection, I took the time to put together a playlist full of brand new stuff to play on my April 6 show. In true form for such a show, the numerous bold items below will allow you to sample (stream and download) cleared tracks. It commences:

“Black Fur” by Fredrik off Na Na Ni

“Miracle” by Johnny Bertram And The Golden Bicycles off Neon City
“This Could Take All Night” by Belaire off Resonating Symphony

“Your Graduating Hours” by King Of Prussia off Transmissions From The Grand Stand
“Gold Morning Mend” by Ian McGlynn off Now We’re Golden
“14” by Carrousel off 27 Rue De Mi’chelle

“The Same Tattoos” by Fences off Daytrotter Studio 4/7/2011
“Acid Rain” by Saintseneca off Last
“Eternal Adolescence” by Eamon McGrath off Young Canadians

“Tuck The Darkness In” by Bowerbirds off The Clearing
“Warsaw” by Sharon Van Etten off Tramp
“Boggs” by Like Pioneers off Oh, Magic

“Under The Bridge Pt. 2” by Elephant Child off The Demon Beat / Elephant Child Split 7″

“California” by Diamond Center off Diamond Center 7″
“Lost From Long Ago” by The Zoltars off Should I Try Once More?

“Decomposing” by Earthy Babes off The Waiting Week
“Try Me Out Sometime” by Broncho off Can’t Get Past The Lips

“Waves & Waves” by Funeral Club off Waves & Waves
“Misery Train” by Conduits off Conduits
“Passage” by Exitmusic off Passage

“Parallels (Radio Edit)” by Black City Lights off Parallels
“Sedated” by Choir of Young Believers off Rhine Gold
“Let’s Go” by James & Evander off Let’s Go

“Lonely Summer” by Twin Cabins off I’m Sure

“Never The Same Way Twice” by Shout Out Out Out Out off Spanish Moss And Total Loss

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