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Like Pioneers: Piecemeal [Album Review]


Last week saw the quiet return of a great label, one that we here at FensePost have been following for quite some time. It wasn’t so much a return, rather the branching out away from label head Jon Rooney’s solo project Virgin Of The Birds. And he certainly chose the right artist to mark the label’s first release in quite some time. Like Pioneers boast a slew of artists with a hefty background in creating phenomenal music. Let’s see, there’s Bound Stems, Chin Up Chin Up, Vacations, and The Narrator. While I haven’t spent much time with the latter two, the former are totally legit.

There’s really not much you can say about Piecemeal other than that it’s really, really good. It’s one of those albums that doesn’t need all those descriptive statements and over-thought metaphors. You just put on the headphones, close your eyes, listen, and smile. It feels good, sounds good, and therefore it is good. From opener “Some People” to the immensely catchy single “Gift From A Holiday”, to closing track “Crab Candy”, it’s just… flat out… good. Beginning to end, it is packed with pure, upbeat, feel-good pop music that’s worthy of loud volumes and good company. There truly is not a weak song on the album. Throughout, Like Pioneers impresses thoroughly.

Download: “Gift From A Holiday” by Like Pioneers
[audio:100825-like-pioneers-gift-from-a-holiday.mp3|titles=Gift From A Holiday|artists=Like Pioneers]


Abandoned Love Records [Digital LP, 2010]

1. Some People
2. English Garden
3. Gift From A Holiday
4. Exit Row
5. Crop Circles Plus Legs
6. Polkadot
7. Teakettles No. 1
8. Ike
9. Metal Oscar
10. Crab Candy

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