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Teen Daze: Feature

Teen Daze

A new Teen Daze song is like a wrapped gift. You almost never know what you’re going to get. “Union”, off the band’s forthcoming LP The Inner Mansions is a perfect example. The song features Frankie Rose and mixes fuzzy pop sensibilities with the part beach, part chill, part dream pop Teen Daze has flirted with over the past few years. The song begins strong with hazy guitars and joint vocals from Rose and Teen Daze’s Jamison. Then “Union” morphs into something a bit calmer. Read More »Teen Daze: Feature

Way Yes: Important MP3

Way Yes

Way Yes is one of those bands that creates bizarre, quirky songs. Or, at least that’s the impression I got from prior EP, Herringbone. “Important” is the first tune I’ve heard off their new album Walkability and it’s changing my mind a little bit. Yeah, they still have a bit of quirkiness, but they’ve refined it in a way that makes the oddities a little more subtle. Read More »Way Yes: Important MP3

Dana Buoy: Call To Be

Dana Buoy

Dana Buoy (aka Dana Janssen, percussionist for Akron/Family) is set to release his debut LP (Summer Bodies) on May 8, courtesy Lefse Records. “Call To Be” is the first tune to be released from the album and it’s an interesting pop song, upbeat in a tropical Pacific Northwest meets NYC sort of way. (I know, huh!?) It’s dreamy, hypnotic, but most intriguing of all, it has a sci-fi beach sound to it that’s unquestionably awesome. Read More »Dana Buoy: Call To Be

Ganglians (Feature)


Ganglians will be in Seattle next week. The famed Crocodile will play host to the Lefse Records band on December 6 with Young Prisms. The band gave us Still Living, their first release since a dual album in 2009, back in August. Those were released via Woodsist, and that beach-y psychedelic sound continues here along with one that hints of Lefse artists like The Fair Ohs and Dominant Legs.

Read More »Ganglians (Feature)

Fair Ohs: Everything Is Dancing (Video)


Oh Fair Ohs, how I love your name. Started a few years back from three dudes in East London, Fair Ohs began under a different moniker and with what I’d assume to be a different sound (I haven’t heard it, but it was described in the press release as “raucous hardcore”). They thankfully settled on the name Fair Ohs and have donned a sound that hints of lo-fi garage rock with hints of a foreign beach. Read More »Fair Ohs: Everything Is Dancing (Video)

Bikini: American Mourning [mp3]


There’s something sexy about “American Mourning” by Bikini. You almost feel a little strange for liking it so much. It may be the continuous and occasional monotony of the song’s electronic beats. Or it could be the playful vocal pattern in the verse. Whatever it is, it’s intoxicating. It’s like a car crash — you want to look away, but you can’t. It’s fascinating. Read More »Bikini: American Mourning [mp3]

Dominant Legs: Clawing Out At The Walls [mp3]


Lefse’s latest lust-worthy tune-layer is Dominant Legs, the project of San Francisco-based musician Ryan Lynch (also the guitarist for Girls), whose light, harmonic melodies will draw you in. Joining Lynch is Hannah Hunt, who lends keys and vocal expertise. Shrouded in vocal reverb, Lynch’s ballads, like “Clawing Out At The Walls” off Dominant Legs’ forthcoming debut EP Young At Love And Life, cast a dreamy shadow over these summer days and conjure a longing for the slightly cooler evening hours when the crickets emerge. In “Clawing Out At The Walls”, Dominant Legs packs every moment with continuous, all-encompassing harmony that refuses to let go until the final moments. Just like this summer heat. The key difference being: You won’t want the songs to end. Read More »Dominant Legs: Clawing Out At The Walls [mp3]

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