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Way Yes: Important MP3

Way Yes

Way Yes is one of those bands that creates bizarre, quirky songs. Or, at least that’s the impression I got from prior EP, Herringbone. “Important” is the first tune I’ve heard off their new album Walkability and it’s changing my mind a little bit. Yeah, they still have a bit of quirkiness, but they’ve refined it in a way that makes the oddities a little more subtle.

The musicianship, too, is refined, honed to a craft.

The midpoint diverts into a keys-meet-guitar instrumental intermission that is unexpected yet fits perfectly. Same with the looped indecipherable vocals in the latter half, bordering on a trait often found in bands like Animal Collective, though more harmonic and accessible.

There’s still plenty of weirdness going on with Way Yes, and with “Important” the weirdness just got way better.

Walkability is out now on Lefse Records.

Download: “Important” by Way Yes
[audio:120623-way-yes-important.mp3|titles=Important|artists=Way Yes]

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