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Levek: Black Mold Grow


Lefse Records is poised to release the debut LP by Levek this coming September, on which you can find their brand new track “Black Mold Grow”. We’ve seen Levek before; Father/Daughter Records gave us a 7-inch for their single “Look on the Bright Side” a year or so ago, and hearing they’ve got new music in the works is pretty exciting.

(Before I divert into talking about “Black Mold Grow”, I just wanted to say a little something: head over to Father/Daughter… I believe they’ve got some copies of Levek’s single still available.)

“Black Mold Grow” follow’s the band’s prior work (i.e. the single) in dreamy, psychedelic pop. It’s soft and melodic, with hints of a disco swagger. What’s more, we get vocals, which weren’t prevalent on “Look on the Bright Side”. In fact, with “Black Mold Grow” you hear a whole new side to Levek, one with honed production and emphasized production.

And they do it all without compromising the quality of their arrangements. That, thankfully, remains steadfast.

Check out “Black Mold Grow” below and keep an eye out for their debut album come September on Lefse. It’s called Look a Little Closer.

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