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Little Wonder by Kat Gardiner

Book Review: Little Wonder by Kat Gardiner

Gardiner’s style of writing is sometimes witty, filled with a wondrous humor, a lonely sadness, a fond goodbye. Creative and astute, unabashed at the blatantness of failure, of broken dreams, at one moment there’s an inside joke about an oddball frequent customer (Anacortes is filled with them) followed by a painful memory of crying in desperation in an empty, vacant shop.

The Everywheres

The Everywheres: Someone Disappeared

The Everywheres’ self-titled LP is out later this month on Father/Daughter Records. “Someone Disappeared” is the lead single from the band, who’s catchy hooks delightfully infect every aspect of the song.

Pure Bathing Culture: Ivory Coast (Video)

Pure Bathing Culture

I have no clue what’s going on. Seriously. A blue thing she treats like a baby. Her man has something evil hidden inside that comes out on occasion. She’s all emotional. There are hologram sharks. I’m sorry, but it’s all beyond me. Yes, I’m talking about the new video for “Ivory Coast” by Portland duo Pure Bathing Culture. It was directed by Sean Pecknold (whose brother Robin fronts Fleet Foxes, and for whom he has directed several music videos). Read More »Pure Bathing Culture: Ivory Coast (Video)

Pure Bathing Culture: EP

Pure Bathing Culture

While I haven’t written about Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture directly, they’ve already become mainstays on both my regular playlist and on my KSVR / KSVU weekly radio show. The duo of Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille create quite a full pop sound for there being just two. Early on, I became a big fan of their track “Ivory Coast” off their self-titled, debut EP, out now on Father/Daughter Recordings. Read More »Pure Bathing Culture: EP

Family Trees: No One Will Ever Know [Video]


One of my favorite singles of the year is Dream Talkin’ by Family Trees. With an old-time, lo-fi pop sound and great melodies and lyrics alike, Family Trees is also among my favorite new artists of the year. Now to round out the list of three — they’ve put out a great video for their song “No One Will Ever Know”. Like the music, the video is simple, lo-fi, and hints at a different time… oh, somewhere in the late 60s to early 70s. It’s a great introduction to director Amanda Finn‘s work; hopefully something we’ll see a bit more of in the near future. Read More »Family Trees: No One Will Ever Know [Video]

Family Trees: Dream Talkin’ [7″ Review]

Family Trees

Family Trees is a Brooklyn-based trio made up of Ryan Trott (guitar and vocals), Amanda Finn (drums), and Joe Pruitt (bass) and they create Woodsist-like light, beachy acoustic pop music with barely discernible hints of garage and lo-fi electronics. Catchy and hypnotic, “Dream Talkin'” is the perfect summer tune, fit to stretch out on the porch on a hot, clear, starry night. Those nights when the nightlife croaks softly in the background, or laps gently on the coast in the distance. It’s a song you listen to with your best friend, look them in the eye, and nod, knowing there’s little else that would make that moment any better. Read More »Family Trees: Dream Talkin’ [7″ Review]

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