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Stephen Steinbrink

Out Now: Stephen Steinbrink’s “Arranged Waves”

Stephen Steinbrink

I recall the first time I heard Stephen Steinbrink. I caught the final few songs of his set at one of What The Heck Fest’s final years. The song was “Breath of Fire” off his 2009 LP Ugly Unknowns. Such a pleasant, poppy sound: I thought this a little strange coming from someone who so fit in with the lo-fi weirdness of the Anacortes crowd. Read More »Out Now: Stephen Steinbrink’s “Arranged Waves”

Bags Full of Vinyl

Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2012

November 18 was the second vinyl only show, featuring an array of tunes from the likes of Sambassadeur, The Mary Onettes, Holiday Shores, Devon Williams, Le Jonathan Reilly, Christmas Island and many more. Included within were several from Sweden’s Labrador Records thanks to a recent package from the label, and I also played several tracks from artists who have released singles and LPs on Captured Tracks after receiving an order placed from eBay. Lots of good tunes this week!

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What The Heck Fest! 2011 Edition!


In the photo above you can see Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie, Microphones, D+), Calvin Johnson (The Cave Dwellers, The Halo Benders, K Records), and Karl Blau (Karl Blau, D+). So yes, it is that time of year again. The sun is out (for once) in Western Washington and all the unique individuals in Anacortes come out of their hiding places (and their friends come up from Olympia) for the annual What The Heck Fest! I went last year (hence the above photo) and things went down like this: watched some bands in a park, ate a sandwich in town, watched more bands, slept some, took a walk to Whistle Lake with some friends, watched more bands, drank some beers.

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Lake: Within/Without [Video]


Olympia band Lake returns this year with a new album called Giving And Receiving. If you like what you heard from their past few releases, including the phenomenal Let’s Build A Roof from 2009, you’ll dig this one. It has a pleasant mix of upbeat pop songs and chill mellow ones. “Within/Without” finds somewhat of a middle ground, with a slightly funky beat and their nice signature male/female harmony vocals. Read More »Lake: Within/Without [Video]

Lake: You Are Alone b/w Higher Than Merry [Single Review]


I instantly fell in love with Lake upon first hearing them open for Microphones and Karl Blau at the final show of Anacortes’s cherished Department Of Safety. That I hadn’t heard them before was the shocking item, being they share a hometown with K Records and also release their albums on the label. Lake’s dreamy psychedelic pop flirts with subtle breezes and forested hills. The harmonies put on display by Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson mold perfection beyond its previous benchmark. Read More »Lake: You Are Alone b/w Higher Than Merry [Single Review]


FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #3, Summer Heat Part 1

It’s been a few months since I threw together a podcast, so I figured it was about time for another one. Besides, I’ve been working diligently on a mix-tape for a new local pal, Brett Sandström, whom I met after purchasing a Tullycraft single on eBay – he being the seller, both of us being astonished to find other Tullycraft fans in Skagit County. What began as a modern tribute to light garage pop ultimately changed direction to hint at songs that fit a sweltering, hot summer day.

Read More »FensePost Podcast Series: FenseCast #3, Summer Heat Part 1

LAKE: Anacortes, WA [2010.01.30]


LAKE may only have played about 5 or 6 songs, but over that brief period of time they entranced the audience. Blending a lo-fi garage sound with psychedelic pop, the Olympia band was the first to perform at Department of Safety’s farewell show. With various synths and the clash of male/female vocals, LAKE demonstrated versatility in performance with members frequently exchanging instruments. Read More »LAKE: Anacortes, WA [2010.01.30]

Microphones Live in Anacortes 2010

Farewell: Anacortes All-Ages Venue Department Of Safety

This is it, the last call. The last show. And yet it’s a first for me; my first time visiting the Department Of Safety in Anacortes. The evening began with a brief drive along dark highways to the town known most, perhaps, for its ferry system connecting mainland Washington with the San Juan Islands. Eight years before, in 2002, the Department Of Safety opened with a show featuring performances from Karl Blau, P:Ano, and, among others, Microphones. This night would be quite similar, though also on the bill was LAKE and Arrington de Dionyso (of Old Time Relijun).

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