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Mount Eerie Woods

Mount Eerie: Live at The Heart of Anacortes

Secretly, I was hoping Mount Eerie would play “Lost Wisdom” of their 2009 album Wind’s Poem. But given the release of two stellar new albums, Clear Moon a short few months ago and then Ocean Roar just last week, I knew the chances were slim. Besides, within the two new releases are plenty of new greats to look forward to. I was lucky enough to catch Phil Elverum, the mastermind behind Mount Eerie (formerly known as Microphones) perform at The Heart of Anacortes last weekend.

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Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie: House Shape

I always get excited when I hear something new from Phil Elverum, the mastermind behind post-Microphones project Mount Eerie. He’s local to me; Anacortes is just a quick 20 to 30 minute drive from my house. And for being local to a somewhat rural area, he’s built an empire of great recordings. He is, to put it frankly, a local indie legend.

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Microphones: Anacortes, WA [2010.01.30]

Microphones Live at Department of Safety in Anacortes, 2010

You’re nuts if you pass up a chance to see Microphones perform live. After all, they’re typically billed as Mount Eerie these days. Essentially, they’re the same band and the music they make is, for lack of a better term, eerily similar. For the final performance Department of Safety would ever have, Microphones were the obvious choice of performer to conclude it all. Read More »Microphones: Anacortes, WA [2010.01.30]

Microphones Live in Anacortes 2010

Farewell: Anacortes All-Ages Venue Department Of Safety

This is it, the last call. The last show. And yet it’s a first for me; my first time visiting the Department Of Safety in Anacortes. The evening began with a brief drive along dark highways to the town known most, perhaps, for its ferry system connecting mainland Washington with the San Juan Islands. Eight years before, in 2002, the Department Of Safety opened with a show featuring performances from Karl Blau, P:Ano, and, among others, Microphones. This night would be quite similar, though also on the bill was LAKE and Arrington de Dionyso (of Old Time Relijun).

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FensePost Best of 2001

A Retrospective Top 15: Best Albums Of 2001

The second installment of A Retrospective, in which I recap my favorite albums released from 2000 to 2008, this time: 2001. Wrought with turmoil and watching a life fall apart as so many others were having similar experiences but in a different manner; that was 2001 for you. The year I turned 21. A year that lives in infamy. Young or old, we all seemed to grow up that year. Music, too seemed to progress in ways unthought, even before that fateful day.

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Best Albums of 2000

A Retrospective Top 15: Best Albums Of 2000

I’ve decided to create an installment in which I do a recap of my favorite albums of the past ten years now that we’re coming up on the turn-of-decade – yes, 2010 is upon us.


The key: I do them one at a time.

I figure contemplating the weight of albums that have been instituted in my library for the better part (or even just half) of a decade would warrant a skewed opinion when comparing them to those released just this month. And, as these things are all truly opinion-based, well I just couldn’t have that.

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Mount Eerie

Mount Eerie: Wind’s Poem [Album Review]

I recently began reading Dawn by Phil Elverum, a masterfully printed book accompanied by a CD that delves into his time spent and psyche during an extended winter stay in the barren northern region of Norway. And while Dawn finds Elverum giving a slight nod to the beats and Kerouak, his new one under the guise of Mount Eerie, Wind’s Poem, leans more toward David Lynch. It also finds Elverum straying from the soft guitar poetry that has dominated the more recent work produced in the Mount Eerie name.

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