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Hotpants Romance: E-Mails [Video]


Oh, Hotpants Romance. So delightfully off key, and just so damn cute. Yes, the chaos driven trio of girls from across the pond are back with their oh so eccentric style of garage punk. Knowing how to make simple songs that make you laugh, love, and roll through a series of good time emotions in less than three minutes, you can’t help but love these girls for their immense spirit and happy go lucky attitudes. Read More »Hotpants Romance: E-Mails [Video]

Various Artists: Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft) [Album Review]


When I saw there was a new compilation devoted to hailing one of the greatest northwest bands of all time (yes, Tullycraft), I got pretty excited. When I saw that the tracklist included bands from famed labels like Tullycraft’s very own Magic Marker Records, as well as HHBTM, Matinee, and even recent favorite weePOP, my excitement blew through the roof. Look down the track list (it’s at the end of this review… I’ll forgive you for pausing to check it out) and you’ll see some of the greatest indie pop and modern twee bands around today. Fishboy. Iji. Casper & The Cookies. Galactic Heroes. Math & Physics Club. The Besties. Hot Lava. Oh man, this is gonna be good. Read More »Various Artists: Wish I’d Kept A Scrapbook (A Tribute to Tullycraft) [Album Review]

Hotpants Romance: It’s A Heatwave [Album Review]

Hotpants Romance

Hotpants Romance are so perfectly strange they’re almost hard to comprehend. They boast their work as “three girls, three years, three chords”. They really are as simple as that on the surface. Yet, there are so many things from their album It’s A Heatwave that are shiny, bright, and utterly complicated in the most splendid of ways. Laura, Lowri, and Kate seem to enjoy the frame of mind and sound they have developed by the large amount of energy they exude through each track. Read More »Hotpants Romance: It’s A Heatwave [Album Review]

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