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All Tiny Creatures: An Iris [mp3]


A while back we got a taste of something a bit different, in terms of your standard indie group. All Tiny Creatures‘ EP Segni blended shoegaze-style loops with traits of indie rock and, yes, jazz. The band is back with an LP called Harbors. On it, the band expands their sound by adding vocals while maintaining the unique elements of their EP. And an early favorite is “An Iris”, a song that capitalizes on vocals, courtesy one of Harbors‘ many guest vocalists. Here we find accompaniment from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Read More »All Tiny Creatures: An Iris [mp3]

Breathe Owl Breathe: Own Stunts [Video]


Breathe Owl Breathe is Micah Middaugh, Trevor Hobbs, and Andréa Moreno-Beals. Together they live in a cabin in rural Michigan, which means it must be getting pretty cold there this time of year; poised to just get colder. Their new album is called Magic Central and it’s a righteous title as the album is quite magical. But perhaps a better descriptor is unexpected. Read More »Breathe Owl Breathe: Own Stunts [Video]

Megafaun Returns with Heretofore [Feature]


Megafaun has returned after last year’s Gather, Form, and Fly to give us their mini-album Heretofore, out now on Hometapes. On the new one, the band continues with their off-beat folk style, comparable to those they’ve toured with of late, from Bowerbirds to Akron Family to former band-mates Bon Iver. They’ve got a bit more energy though, and they’re a bit further out into the foothills and backwoods of rural America. Read More »Megafaun Returns with Heretofore [Feature]

Pattern Is Movement: Light Of The World [mp3]

Pattern Is Movement

For those of you fortunate enough to catch Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward, the Philadelphia based duo better known as Pattern Is Movement, on their recent tour and appearance at SXSW, you may recognize this track. As well as being the title track for their upcoming album, out later this year, it was offered up on their tour E.P. “Light Of The World” is another wonderful example of this band’s eccentric hip hop style that is fused with a healthy dose of indie rock and folk, especially on the aforementioned track. Read More »Pattern Is Movement: Light Of The World [mp3]

Hometapes Holiday Sampler Cassette [Cover Art]


Rare is it that you see formats outside the standard compact disc or even cherished wax vinyl. But cassettes seem to be popping up more and more as a cool retro item. With vinyl’s popularity, it seems this is the only place to go – reel to reel is out for obvious reasons, as is the 8-track. So that leaves cassette, a vestige in the vintage, a gleam of retro hope. Which brings us to today and Hometapes. Read More »Hometapes Holiday Sampler Cassette [Cover Art]

Eight Days Of Hometapes: An Indie Christmas Music List


In 2009, Hometapes aptly demonstrated that they are a force to be reckoned with and a label to keep an eye on. They packed the year with great releases, some of which are likely to appear on my best of 2009 list, slated to go live late next week. To celebrate the holidays, they’ve done two things worth noting. First is Eight Days Of Christmas, which features Christmas tunes from eight Hometapes bands. Second is a Holiday sampler, which arrived in the form of a cassette via mail on Friday. Read More »Eight Days Of Hometapes: An Indie Christmas Music List

Megafaun: Impressions Of The Past [Video]


Photographer Tim Lytvinenko joined and documented Megafaun as they toured across the states in support of their latest release, Gather, Form & Fly, out now on Hometapes. The result is a collection of experiences from the road in what they dub “part-documentary, part-sense memory.” No surprise, Lytvinenko puts this collection of shots to the music of Megafaun’s epic almost instrumental track “Impressions Of The Past”. It’s the best of the road, the fun and the fans, the antics and the hilarity of it all. Read More »Megafaun: Impressions Of The Past [Video]

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