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Ormonde: Can’t Imagine MP3


FensePost contributor Ron Trembath turned me onto Anna-Lynne Williams through her projects Trespassers William and Lotte Kestner. Her latest venture is that of Ormonde, partnering with Robert Gomez on the project. Ormonde is set to release their debut LP, Machine, via Hometapes on August 7.

The first single to surface from Machine is called “Can’t Imagine” and it is also the opening track. Subtle, folk-influenced dream pop is what you get. It’s mystical, hypnotic and quite surreal. It’s a glimpse into the past from eyes that step outside the body and experience something highly emotional as a neutral third party.

This is how “Can’t Imagine” and the entirety of Machine play out. You, the listener, are taken on an imaginative journey through a foreign, yet slightly familiar land. That place is Marfa, TX, where Ormonde met to create this record. On it, they paint a picture, audible impressionism mirroring the actual world yet strange and not quite mimicking reality. Just almost.

What Ormonde has produced is an album that basks in brilliance. And “Can’t Imagine” is the tip of the greatness that follows. Hear for yourself below and watch for Machine to hit in about a month and a half.

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